Data Migration and Compliance

Data Migration and Compliance Risks Associated With It – Tomorrow!: eDiscovery Webinars

Data Migration seems simple on the surface, but it’s not. Tomorrow’s webinar from Veritas discusses data migration and compliance risks!

Tomorrow, Veritas will host the webinar Data Migration and Compliance Risks (available here) at 11am ET (10am CT, 8am PT). In this episode of Veritas Live, the panel will explore enterprise data challenges within organizations and IT best practices these organizations need to implement to protect their data and stay in compliance throughout the process. They will also discuss the tools IT organizations can leverage to automate this process. Demetrius Malbrough, Veritas L!VE Host will be joined by Data Migration Evangelist Noemi Greyzdorf of Interlock Technology, and Rick Krieger, Director of Product Management at Veritas.

When it comes to data migration and compliance risks associated with it, there are several pitfalls, complexities, and compliance issues that can occur or need to be considered, especially when migrating data from an on-premises to the cloud or even the growing trend of repatriating data. Enterprise customers can experience anything from disruptions to existing workflows, protocol changes, data security and backup failures, or even compliance issues depending on changes in data locations. Click here to register to learn how to manage data migration effectively while remaining compliant!


So, what do you think? How is your organization addressing data migration and compliance risks associated with it? If not well, attend tomorrow’s webinar! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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