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Random Sample Size Needs to Be One Million Reports, Court Says: eDiscovery Case Law

In Healy v. Milliman, Inc., Washington District Judge John C. Coughenor granted in part and denied in part the plaintiff’s motion to compel the production of documents responsive to a specific Request for Production (“RFP”), finding that the information requested was responsive, but unduly burdensome and not proportional to the plaintiff’s pre-certification needs. So, Judge Coughenor endorsed the sampling approach suggested by the defendant in its supplemental briefing but ordered a random sample size of one million documents instead of the 100,000 that the defendant proposed.

Here’s a Webcast to Help You Understand Governance, Privacy and Exposure: eDiscovery Webcasts

Organizations can get more value from information assets now due to technology and data mining. However, the rewards of data value must be considered with the risk of a network compromise and the related data privacy and cybersecurity obligations imposed by legal, regulatory, and business retention requirements. Here’s a webcast from HaystackID which will help you understand considerations associated with Governance, Privacy and Exposure as they pertain to your organization!