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Thought Leader Interview Part Three with David Greetham of Ricoh USA: eDiscovery Trends and Best Practices

I recently interviewed David Greetham, Information Governance and eDiscovery business unit leader at Ricoh USA, Inc.  We covered so much with regard to eDiscovery trends that we couldn’t fit it all in a single blog post.  Part One of my interview was published Monday, part two was published Wednesday, here is part three with David Greetham, the conclusion of our interview.

Three Use Cases of AI and Machine Learning Technology You Should Know: Legal Technology Best Practices

This week’s blog post for IPRO’s blog is three use cases of AI and machine learning technology that you may not know but should know.  Even though we’re far from achieving critical mass in the legal profession when it comes to the use of predictive coding technologies, the use of predictive coding for document review to support discovery is certainly the most common use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.  By far.

Not Quite Asimov’s 3 Laws (But We’re Getting There): New Proposed Artificial Intelligence Act from the European Commission

In Isaac Asimov’s 1950 story collection, I, Robot, he establishes the Three Laws of Robotics for a fictional version of Earth in the mid-21st century. These laws were created so that interactions between robots and humans wouldn’t lead to harm.  The European Commission didn’t quite go to Asimov’s level, but they did recently propose a new Artificial Intelligence Act to propose the first ever legal framework on AI.