Here’s One More Webinar, This One on Form of Production: eDiscovery Webinars

Apparently, the first week of the new blog is interview and webinar week!  But, this webinar is a little different – I get to do this one, along with my buddies Tom O’Connor and Mike Quartararo!

Do you know how to request ESI in production that maximizes the information available to you and that also saves you money as well? Are you prepared to address arguments from producing parties regarding the production of ESI?  And, are you aware of what the courts say regarding form of production?  If not, join us for our webinar about current rules regarding form of production, options available to you, the pros and cons of each and relevant case law regarding recent form of production disputes!

On Thursday, May 14, ACEDS will conduct the webinar Forms of Production: Maximizing Benefit and Managing Costs at 1pm ET (noon CT, 10am PT).  Among the topics we will cover:

  • How form of production alternatives have evolved over the years
  • Current rules regarding forms of production and the rights of requesting parties
  • Alternatives for forms of production and the pros and cons of each
  • Cost considerations for various form of production alternatives
  • Objections to native file production made by producing parties and counter-arguments to those objections
  • What you need to know to successfully negotiate an ESI protocol that protects your rights
  • Key recent case law opinions regarding form of production and what they mean for you
  • Recommendations for optimizing the ESI produced to you
  • Resources for more information, including a sample production protocol

It’s the “Doug and Tom” show, with Mike to boot!  What could be better?  To register, click here.

I’m also working on a couple more events hopefully in May – another webcast with my wonderful partners from EDRM and a podcast with Sharon Nelson and John Simek of the Digital Detectives podcast as well as Sensei Enterprises and Sharon’s wonderful Ride the Lightning blog).  A lot going on, and it’s just the first week!  And, I may yet have one more blog post up my sleeve before the week ends!  Somebody stop me!  😉

So, what do you think?  Do you know the ins and outs of requesting the form of production that gives you the most information and is still cost effective?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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