If You Missed It, Here’s Your Chance to Catch Our ACEDS Webinar on Reasonable and Proportional Discovery: eDiscovery Webinars

Or even if you didn’t miss it, but want to see parts of it again (because it was that good!).  😉  On Wednesday, ACEDS conducted the webinar Seeing 20/20: Reasonable and Proportional Discovery in 2020 and Mandi Ross, Martin Tully, Mike Quartararo and I had a great discussion about the challenges with “right-sizing” discovery, what can be leveraged from the rules and relevant case law, and what best practices can be deployed for quick evaluation of potentially relevant custodians and data sources.  And, we had great audience participation, with plenty of questions.  Thanks everybody!

You missed it, you say?  Well, no worries, because the entire video (all 62 minutes of it) is available below for you to check out!

If you don’t think you can find the time to check out the video, but would like a copy of the slides (even if you do want to check out the video, the slides have links to terrific resources for you to check out!), you can download a copy of the slide deck here.  🙂


Speaking of audience participation, one member of the audience pointed out that I had the incorrect version of FRCP Rule 16(b) regarding timing of the scheduling order on one of the slides.  My bad!  Thanks for pointing that out.  Here’s the correct and current rule:

Rule 16(b)(2): Time to Issue. The judge must issue the scheduling order as soon as practicable, but unless the judge finds good cause for delay, the judge must issue it within the earlier of 90 days after any defendant has been served with the complaint or 60 days after any defendant has appeared.

Thanks to the three “M”s (Mandi, Martin and Mike) and the audience for a spirited discussion and Deja Miller of ACEDS for all the coordination and support!  And thanks to Kelly Twigger’s eDiscovery Assistant for the case law links! Here’s the video:

And, yes, I even once again found a way to promote the webinar after the fact.  Shameless, right?  😉  I’m done now…I think.  Have a great weekend everybody!

So, what do you think?  Do you feel that your organization has a proven defensible and proportional approach to discovery?  If not, then please watch our webinar above!  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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