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Our inaugural EDRM webcast Important eDiscovery Case Law Decisions for July 2020 yesterday was a huge hit and a terrific discussion of six interesting cases!  Not surprisingly, given that discussion included observations from Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM and Tom O’Connor, President of the Gulf Legal Technology Center.  Speaking of Tom, if you loved his takes on yesterday’s webcast, you’ll love his takes and interviews on a YouTube channel he’s been operating for six(!) years now.

Tom’s channel is the eDiscovery Channel and it has long featured Tom discussing a variety of topics in the eDiscovery space, usually with various guests over the years, including frequent guest Craig Ball.  Recently, Tom has teamed up with Rachi Messing, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft (who’s broadcasting all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel, no less!), to interview eDiscovery subject matter experts at least twice monthly.  In addition to Craig, here are people that Tom and Rachi have interviewed in just the past month:

  • Mary and Kaylee Walstad, Chief Strategy Officer at EDRM
  • Joy Heath Rush, CEO at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
  • David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel and Legal Education Director at Relativity
  • Joy Murao, Founder and CEO at Practice Aligned Resources

Topics vary depending on the guest(s) and Tom and Rachi ask the questions we want to know answers to, such as how Mary and Kaylee came to acquire EDRM, Joy’s plans for the upcoming ILTA<ON virtual conference, recent developments in forensic data acquisition from Craig, David’s take on the challenge to shifting to virtual conferences during this pandemic and leveraging and scaling legal technology education from Joy.  Plus other discussions across the board – diversity in legal and the business world, football, Bob and Ray, you name it.  They’re a great opportunity to hear notable industry thought leaders talk about various topics related (and sometimes unrelated) to eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Assistant

I’ve always been a fan of Tom’s interviews and was aware that he and Rachi had recently teamed up to conduct these interviews/podcasts regularly, but took for granted that everybody knew about them until someone mentioned in one of the community calls that I participate in that they weren’t aware of them.  So, here I am, doing my part to help change that!  🙂

You can check out videos for the eDiscovery Channel (and subscribe to it) here.  This is a channel you may not need to surf away from for awhile!

And, if you missed yesterday’s terrific case law webinar, you can catch the recording here.  To listen to the webinar, click on the link, then scroll down to the list of webinars and click the “Recorded” tab, then scroll down within that tab to find this webinar and click to listen to it.

So, what do you think?  Were you aware of the eDiscovery Channel?  Well, now you are!  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.


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