Here’s Your eDiscovery Jeopardy Quiz, Courtesy of Compliance: eDiscovery Trends

It’s Compliance Day!  Believe it or not, Jeopardy is still going on (and so is Alek Trebek, even through Stage 4 pancreatic cancer) and the game show recently started syndication on a new season.  If you’re a Jeopardy nut and an eDiscovery expert (or “wanna be” expert), this recent article from Compliance is for you!

In their article Alex, I’ll Take eDiscovery Terms and Concepts for $200, Compliance provides a “super-sized” Jeopardy category of ten eDiscovery Terms and Concepts.  And, “[i]n true Jeopardy format”, “answers” are provided with the “questions” (i.e., the answers in form of a question) at the end of this article.  They even provide a Final Jeopardy “answer” for you to solve as well.

The terms and concepts come from The Sedona Conference® Glossary, eDiscovery & Digital Information Management, Fifth Edition, which is almost 130 pages containing nearly 800 definitions related to eDiscovery and related topics and which you can download free at the link directly above.  So, they could easily come back with Round 2 at some point!  The latest edition was released back in February of this year (which I covered, as I do all eDiscovery, cybersecurity and data privacy related Sedona Conference publications).


Take the test – it’s fun and there are some challenging ones in there!  Don’t peek at the answers first.  And, if you don’t do that well, you’re not alone – as this video from Weird Al Yankovic illustrates from the really old version of Jeopardy!

So, what are the questions and answers to Compliance’s special Jeopardy quiz?  I won’t steal their thunder – you can check out their article here.  And, please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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