Thought Leader Interview with Marc Zamsky of Compliance, Part Three: eDiscovery Trends and Best Practices

I recently interviewed Marc Zamsky, Chief Executive Officer of Compliance. We covered so much with regard to eDiscovery trends that we couldn’t fit it all in a single blog post. Part One of our interview was published Monday, part two was published Wednesday, and here is the third and final part.

From a technology standpoint, what does the perfect solution look like today for electronic discovery?

Well, there’s no such thing as a single perfect solution…every client has unique needs, and different matters require a different approach. We’ve found that using multiple tools, with our Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform, gives options and allows clients to tailor a solution that works best for their needs. It’s not about any particular technology; it’s about access to different technologies.


We’ve found that clients don’t want to be forced into a one-size-fits-all solution—they’re looking for help in choosing the best mix of tools that are made better through workflows and integrations. When we demonstrate our capabilities, we show how we weave together different technologies to make eDiscovery, and really all of their data analysis functions, easier and more efficient. When it comes down to it, the “perfect” solution is one that empowers clients and gives them choice and flexibility to meet their specific needs.

Relativity Fest was this week and Compliance was nominated for a Relativity Innovation award. What has Compliance done to maximize the benefit of the experience for your clients using Relativity?

One of our key differentiators and a big part of our value proposition is CI Innovations – proprietary tools that integrate workflows, streamline processes, and deliver control and insight – developed to make the underlying technologies like Relativity, Nuix, or Brainspace work better for clients.   

We actually submitted two of our CI Innovations tools this year. The one that was a finalist is called CI Admin, which enables user administration across a client’s technology stack. CI Admin empowers an administrator, either at the client or Compliance, to enable a user across our DaaS platform. With just a click of a button, the administrator can enable a user, set security protocols and two-factor authentication, and grant access to any of the technologies in the stack, such as Relativity, Brainspace, Nuix processing or Nuix Discover, H5 Matter Analytics, or even Heretik Contract Analysis software. CI Admin eliminates the administrative headache of user configuration and offers clients a simple tool that works across multiple applications.

The second innovation we submitted is called CI Migrate, a Relativity automation that migrates on-prem data to RelativityOne. With a single click, CI Migrate packages up the data, exports, and uploads it to a staging area, integrates it into a new RelativityOne workspace, unpacks it, and QCs it—all completely automated. This is one of about 25 CI Innovations we offer, either within Relativity or with other software products.

What else would you like our audience to know about what you and Compliance are doing?

Our focus continues to be on simplifying complexity by developing innovative tools and custom workflows that clients can use to take command of their data and easily tackle administration and management. We take a client-centric approach to ensure our innovations solve real problems. In fact, about half our CI Innovations are a direct result of client input and collaboration.  

We’re going to continue to expand our platform beyond traditional eDiscovery, making tools available in our App HQ to support needs such as breach response, GRC, and contract analysis. We will also continue our international expansion. Recently, we opened up a UK data center for both RelativityOne and Nuix Discover, and we’re very excited about that. Of course, we just sponsored Relativity Fest and are sponsoring the upcoming SOLID and EDI conferences. You’ll see some pretty exciting press releases in the coming months about what Compliance is doing to continue helping clients to manage the pandemic and their work environment. And, we have a big announcement coming about our NPS score, so stay tuned!

Marc, thanks for your time today and thanks for participating in the eDiscovery Today Thought Leader Interview Series!

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