Selecting the Right eDiscovery Technology is Hard. AITHERAS is a Company That Can Help: eDiscovery Best Practices

I don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of technology solution choices in the eDiscovery world. And many of them are built to support different phases in the EDRM life cycle. Just for document review, there are approximately fifty solutions out there to choose from.  Fifty! I hear from people all the time that it’s challenging to figure out the right solution to support their needs when there are so many choices and product capabilities and features to analyze.  Here is a consulting company that can work with you to match your organization’s needs to a solution that best fits those needs – at the best possible price!

AITHERAS LLC (pronounced “uh-THEAR-us”, which means “pure air” in Greek) is a customer-centric innovative IT consulting firm with a large global footprint that provides consulting services to numerous federal, state, local, and commercial clients.  They provide consulting assistance and expertise in everything from Data Analytics to Cloud Computing Services to IT Engineering and Application Development to Records and Data Management to Litigation Support/eDiscovery and even Cyber Security.  They are also a woman and minority owned company that has been assisting clients since 2002 and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.  Want more?  Here’s a link to a recent case study that illustrates some of the services they have provided to the Department of Justice (DOJ) under their MEGA 4 contract.

Which brings me to AITHERAS and selecting the right eDiscovery technology – AITHERAS has partnerships with many of the top eDiscovery software providers and offers many of the top platforms throughout the EDRM life cycle from Information Governance to Presentation.  Here are just some of their offerings:

They even provide contract legal staffing globally!

“We take a consultative approach in working with our clients to ensure they are getting the very best offerings, at the very best price available”, said Laura Milstein, Head of Global eDiscovery at AITHERAS.  “We also take the time to educate our clients on what is new in the market and help them determine what products are best to fit their needs.”

“Because we work directly with all the major eDiscovery providers, we are able to show our clients the detailed capabilities and features of each solution”, Joe Friend, Business Development Partner at AITHERAS, added.  “As the old saying goes, ‘Knowledge is Power’, and at AITHERAS, we enable our clients to make informed decisions in selecting solutions that meet their specific needs.”

Let’s face it, many organizations out there don’t really know where to begin when evaluating eDiscovery technology solutions, which is understandable since there are so many choices to choose from.  If that’s the case for you and you need help, you can contact the experienced team at AITHERAS here.  To paraphrase a popular commercial tagline, they know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two (bom-ba-dum-bom-bom-bom-bom!).  ;o)


So, what do you think?  Is your organization struggling with selecting or maximizing the capabilities of its eDiscovery technology?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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