This Year, the Spread of COVID-19 May Only Be Matched by the Spread of Cyber Attacks: Cybersecurity Trends

Today’s weekly blog post for Ipro’s blog discusses how cyber attacks have spread in 2020 and five best practices to address the challenge.  We’re all familiar with how quickly COVID-19 cases have spread across the world and it seems as though it’s only getting worse.  We hear about the challenges containing the virus on the news every day.  We don’t hear about the spread of cyber attacks on the news every day, but that seems to be surging as well.

Here’s just one notable stat to consider regarding the pandemic and the spread of cyber attacks this year:

  • At the World Health Organization (WHO), phishing attacks increased by 15 times during the first two weeks of March compared to the entire month of January: As reported here, medical questionnaires and passport copies of more than 2,300 patients at one facility were leaked on the dark web.

Cyber attacks are even beginning to cost lives as well.

So, what are some additional cyber attack stats that convey increased cybersecurity challenges in 2020?  And, most importantly, what are five best practices you can use to protect your own organization against cyber attacks? You can find out on Ipro’s blog here.  Don’t worry, it’s just one extra click!  :o)

Speaking of 2020 being a challenging year, Ipro is teaming up with ACEDS and Blickstein Group to conduct the webcast A Year of Transition for eDiscovery: What We Learned in 2020 and Where It Will Take Us at 2pm ET on Thursday, December 3rd (E-Discovery Day).  In this webinar Mike Quartararo of ACEDS, Brad Blickstein of Blickstein Group and Jim Gill of Ipro will discuss:

  • The effect of remote work on the legal industry
  • Significant Rulings and Laws in 2020
  • Changes to eDiscovery Workflow / Technology
  • How to Prepare for 2021

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So, what do you think?  How is your organization addressing cybersecurity challenges in 2020?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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