Here’s a Partnership That Will Serve to Inform All of Us: Legal Technology Trends

Earlier today, Project Counsel Media announced the expansion and enhancement of its global legal technology coverage through formal informational and educational partnerships with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery Solutions.  Here are some of the highlights and comments from the participants in the partnership, via the press release posted on Rob Robinson’s Complex Discovery site here.

Project Counsel Media is a leading media production and publishing company focused on delivering insight and intelligence in cybersecurity, digital media, and legal technology domains. Project Counsel Media is a member of The Project Counsel Group which includes The Posse List and InfoTech Europe.

“With more than two decades coverage and service to practitioners in the cybersecurity, digital media, and legal technology domains, we are now seeing more than ever the accelerated convergence of these discrete, yet mutually inclusive areas in the lives of our worldwide audiences,” shared Eric De Grasse, CEO of Project Counsel Media. “With a commitment to increasing the understanding and implications of this convergence, we are excited to partner with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery Solutions as they have unique expertise in identifying and sharing insight that helps industry practitioners venture out of the comfort zone of traditional information silos. We look forward to working with them as we expand the depth and breadth of our worldwide legal tech coverage.”


As a leading data and legal discovery expert with four decades of experience in identifying and managing information and evidence in both paper and digital worlds, Jonathan Maas, managing director of The Maas Consulting Group, is a well-known author and commentator whose frequent email updates entitled BONG! regularly inform and enlighten e-disclosure, e-discovery, and information governance communities throughout the world.

“Having written and spoken often on the significant commonality between the seemingly disparate technology issues facing businesses and individuals today, it is a great honour to partner with such a forward-looking organisation as Project Media Counsel and offer BONG! content and communications to an even broader and worldwide community,” noted Maas. “Exciting times, indeed, as the BONG! evolves.”

In addition to partnering with The Maas Consulting Group, Project Counsel Media is also highlighting its expanded partnership with ComplexDiscovery. is an online publication featuring data and legal discovery insight and intelligence from original research to aggregated news for business, information technology, and legal professionals. The highly targeted publication seeks to increase the collective understanding of readers regarding data and legal discovery information and issues and provide an objective resource for considering trends, technologies, and convergence.

Catrina Conti, Social Media Manager of Project Counsel Media, added, “Our legaltech newsletter listserv now comprises more than 9,000 subscribers across industry vendors, law firms, corporate in-house counsel, and IT personnel. When combined with the cybersecurity and digital media technology newsletter listservs, we regularly reach more than 25,000 subscribers.”

Many of our cybersecurity and digital media members follow us because we step outside of silos and boundaries in our coverage of social, political, and business issues related to the technologies we cover. By adding partnerships with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery, we believe we can now better serve our extensive community with an expanded portfolio of timely and relevant content and commentary.”

As part of the new partnership arrangements, Project Counsel Media will consolidate and distribute the well-known BONG! update on a weekly basis, focusing on essential industry news and developments. The updates will also feature prominent contributors and contributions from the cybersecurity and legal tech arenas.

Sponsorships for the weekly updates are available for qualified and selected organizations and vendors. HaystackID, a provider of eDiscovery services recently noted as a worldwide leader by industry research and advisory firm IDC, will serve as the inaugural update sponsor. To learn more about content contribution and update sponsorship opportunities, contact Catarina Conti at

I’m a huge fan of all three of these organizations and they all provide do a great job of providing tremendous coverage of legal technology issues and trends, so I can only imagine what they will be able to do together!  Congrats to Project Counsel Media, The Maas Consulting Group and Complex Discovery for a terrific partnership announcement!

So, what do you think?  Where do you get your legal technology news and trend information?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

Disclosure: HaystackID is an Educational Partner and sponsor of eDiscovery Today

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