Ipro Has a New Look and New Domain: eDiscovery News

This emphasizes the “I” in the “Ides of March”!  Today, Ipro announced a new logo, new website design and other updated branding to communicate “IPRO’s commitment to growth and to continued innovation across Information Governance and eDiscovery software”.

As noted in the press release (available here), the update is the result of fully integrating its July 2020 acquisition of Montreal-based NetGovern, a global provider of Information Governance and Archiving software (which I covered here).

The new logo incorporates the IPRO name next to a modern pillar composed of stylized square brackets. The pillar symbolizes architectural strength, while pointing to the perspective and resulting confidence a robust eDiscovery process creates. Used extensively in legal edits, the square brackets are a nod to IPRO’s 30-year history of powering innovation in the LegalTech market. Finally, the logo incorporates Violet – the most powerful of the visible light rays. Violet is a spectral, single wavelength light that sits directly next to X-ray frequencies–a reminder of IPRO’s continued mission to help clients quickly detect and make sense of the data (evidence) that matters most.

Directly underneath the IPRO logo is the company’s new tagline:

Better Governance | Faster Insights | Smarter Discovery

“I am truly proud of how well our teams have come together since the acquisition and the amazing progress that we’ve made toward providing a unified customer platform in record time,” said Dean Brown, CEO, IPRO. “This new visual identity and website are reflections of the truly exciting product updates we are announcing as we deliver on our mission to bring data insights far earlier in processes ranging from compliance to investigations to litigation. IPRO is uniquely positioned to help customers leverage data and insights across the EDRM spectrum from governance to eDiscovery.”

Alongside the new logo and brand promise, the company has transitioned to a new domain which is replacing its former www.iprotech.com URL. Clear and concise, the www.ipro.com domain points to a completely redesigned site that is fast, mobile-friendly, and simple to navigate. It also showcases for the first time the fully integrated IPRO software portfolio as a unified offering.

When Ipro acquired NetGovern last July, I thought it was a smart move, given the increasing importance of information governance and it gave Ipro a unique ability to say it has solutions to cover the entire EDRM life cycle (even Presentation, with TrialDirector).  Congrats to the Ipro team on the new logo, look and design!

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