IPRO Adds Live EDA, Artificial Intelligence to Significantly Reduce Data Review Complexity

Congrats to the IPRO team on the latest release of their eDiscovery Enterprise software with Live EDA and Artificial Intelligence capabilities!  The full text of the release is below, along with a link to the video that discusses the new features.

Here is the text of the release:

Latest release combines in place search and AI document review and progress estimates, empowering organizations with best-in-class capabilities to streamline their eDiscovery collection times and costs.

April 20, 2021 – TEMPE, Ariz.—On the heels of announcing a new brand identity, IPRO has released anew version of its eDiscovery Enterprise software with powerful enhancements that deliver on its mission of thinking upstream and offering insights across the entire EDRM spectrum.

The solution now features Live Early Data Assessment (EDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for document review that provide a more robust platform for law firms, service providers, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to evolve document collection and review.

IPRO offers these new capabilities at a crucial time as collaboration and chat tools have created explosion of data that legal professionals now must include in their eDiscovery processes. By using Live EDA to collaborate on data before they gather it, organizations can collect only what they need, then promote the required information to review more quickly and limit the data they send externally.

Live EDA gives these organizations the ability to search across all their common cloud solutions, including Microsoft Office, Teams, Google Suite, and Slack, through a single pane of glass to locate the data they need. They can then collect that information via a single pull across all repositories, drastically reducing the time, costs, and complexity associated with traditional data collection methods. It also eliminates the need for organizations to make copies of the data and reorder the information across these repositories, which can lead to increased risk for security breaches and spoilation.

Active Learning Review, from IPRO, provides organizations with higher quality, faster document review enabling them to meet even the most stringent deadlines using AI to help:

  • Prioritize documents by customizing batched delivery based on relevance
  • Review progression and estimated completion with 3x more accurate predictions of documents left to review than other comparative products
  • Improve review quality control with comparisons of Active Learning insights and human review teams’ selections  

The new release also provides new search functionality that increases usability and value for all users, including random sampling of search results, searching for smart folders, and the ability to save searches and search dialogue—as well as other improvements.

“Our goal is to help legal teams get to evidence faster. By being able to search data in-place, they can perform investigations, understand their data, better respond to requests and minimize processed documents,” said Frederic Bourget, Vice President of Product at IPRO. “In addition, with the integration of Active Learning, customers are able to reduce review times making their overall process very cost effective.”

Check out this video to learn more about the new features within the latest eDiscovery Enterprise release.

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IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data. By transforming the EDRM and thinking “upstream”, we bring insight far earlier in the eDiscovery process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any stage, before data is even collected.  By thinking about and interacting with your data differently, you’ll eliminate waste and reduce risk. We combine best-in-class governance and eDiscovery software with predictive analytics to give corporations, government agencies, law firms, and legal partners the most open and effective solution to data challenges. We bring you this power with an obsession on time-to-value and your success.  

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