1. Great article, Doug. If work emails reside on your personal account is your whole personal account then open to scrutiny if there is an incident/investigation? Or just the work emails?

  2. Great question, Brian. At the very least, your whole personal email account becomes potentially discoverable, depending on the circumstances.

    Consider this scenario: an employee who is about to leave for a competitor emails a customer list spreadsheet to his personal email account. If he then takes that spreadsheet and makes a few edits on it and then sends it from his personal email account to the competitor he is about to join (without, obviously, linking to his business email account), that seems like a pretty important email in discovery as well.

    Aside from people stealing company data, I could even see innocent instances of forwarding to another non-business email account (such as the Boeing example where the employee looped in his wife). The best approach is to not use the personal email account at all for any business content, then discovery of it becomes a non-issue.

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