My Interview with Bob Ambrogi on Litera TV: eDiscovery Trends

When I think of icons in the legal tech industry, one of the first people I think of is Bob Ambrogi.  You think my daily blogging is amazing?  Bob has been doing it for way longer than I have, plus he does weekly interviews on Litera TV, and he’s had a long legal career to boot.  I’m not sure when or if he sleeps.  Regardless, I’m excited to say that Bob reached out to interview me recently, so here is my interview with Bob Ambrogi on Litera TV!

Bob’s weekly interview series is Law Insights with Bob Ambrogi (available here on YouTube) and his blog is LawSites by Bob Ambrogi (available here), where he posts at least daily if not multiple times a day.  You probably recognize his tracking of states that have adopted the duty of technology competence (among other terrific resources available on his site) which is up to 39 states as of now.

In our interview (available here), Bob and I discussed daily blogging, the proliferation of content on the web during the pandemic, the impact of the pandemic on eDiscovery, other eDiscovery challenges, investment and consolidation in the eDiscovery industry, adoption of AI and machine learning, small firm eDiscovery (and, of course Tom O’Connor’s take on it!) and (of course) technology, eDiscovery and even legal competence expectations.  Bob said our 30-minute discussion would go by quickly and he wasn’t kidding!  But it was great fun “talking shop” with Bob Ambrogi on Litera TV!


So, what do you think?  Have you seen other interviews with Bob Ambrogi on Litera TV?  You should – they’re amazing!  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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