HaystackID Unveils Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL)

Congrats to the HaystackID™ team for the creation of a new Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL)!  Below is their press release announcing the new facility.

HaystackID™ Unveils Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab to Help Companies Find Data During Complex Investigations and Litigation

Service provides unmatched insight into Android and iOS mobile devices

MINNEAPOLIS – August 24, 2021 – Companies pouring over high-stakes investigations and litigation now have immediate access to a powerful new service to assist in identifying and analyzing digital clues from mobile devices through HaystackID’s Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL). Part of the company’s Forensics First portfolio of services, MEDAL augments and enhances investigations of Android and iOS mobile devices for previously-restricted information with unparalleled precision.

“When it’s a ‘bet the company’ matter, MEDAL allows professionals to gain the most insight into the activity and usage of mobile devices when it matters the most,” said John Wilson, Chief Information Security Officer and President of Forensics at HaystackID. “It’s incredibly powerful, and HaystackID is one of only a few legal service providers authorized to deliver this offering.”

Previously restricted areas on mobile devices include the Secure Folder (Samsung), Private Space (Huawei), KeyChain (iOS), Email (Android and iOS), third-party application data, system and application logs, and deleted content, which are now accessible through MEDAL-enabled extractions. Full-file system and physical extractions from both Android and iOS devices are supported.

Key Technical Considerations for MEDAL:


  • Support for most Samsung, Huawei, LG Motorola, Nokia, and Sony devices
  • Support for devices running up to Android 11
  • Access to secured folders on Android devices
  • Access to data with file-based encryption (FBE) and full disk encryption (FDE)


  • Support for iOS versions 7 – 14.X
  • Support for iPhone devices 4s – 11
  • Bypass iTunes backup encryption
  • Expanded support of Apple devices beyond those subject to the checkm8 exploit
  • Access to KnowledgeC database on iOS devices (e.g., device-specific info, application launched, battery percentage, charging state, music application playing)


  • Forensically sound full-file system extractions
  • Collect unallocated space to carve for deleted data
  • Recover data from third-party applications, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Signal, etc.
  • Access emails and attachments
  • Get location information from multiple streams of data, including WiFi and cell towers

“MEDAL is a game changer for the private sector, allowing advanced technology to bring corporate investigations to the next level and help bring out the truth,” said Rene Novoa, Director of Forensics at HaystackID.

Forensics professionals require specialized skills and powerful tools to investigate various platforms ranging from smart medical devices to smart energy grids for issues including criminal activity, misconduct, and embezzlement. With MEDAL, professionals can find, understand, and learn from data at the start of the legal discovery continuum.

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About HaystackID™

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms securely find, understand, and learn from data when facing complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. HaystackID mobilizes industry-leading cyber discovery services, enterprise managed solutions, and legal discovery offerings to serve more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms in North America and Europe. Serving nearly half of the Fortune 100, HaystackID is an alternative cyber and legal services provider that combines expertise and technical excellence with a culture of white-glove customer service. In addition to consistently being ranked by Chambers, the company was recently named a worldwide leader in eDiscovery services by IDC MarketScape and a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions. For more information about its suite of services, including programs and solutions for unique legal enterprise needs, go to HaystackID.com.


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