eDiscovery Solution Pricing Can Be Apples and Oranges, Here’s How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a Lemon: eDiscovery Best Practices

See what I did there!  😉  It’s a three-post day!  Do you have a pricing model for your eDiscovery solution that fits your needs? Or are you stuck with a “lemon” that can drive up costs significantly over time?  Find out what your options are in this webinar that I will be co-presenting with the Avansic team later this month!

The webinar is titled Apples to Oranges: How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a “Lemon” with Pricing for Your eDiscovery Solution and it will be conducted Wednesday October 27 at 1:30 PM CT (2:30pm ET, 11:30am PT).  In this webinar, we will discuss the various pricing models that currently exist in the market, what types of cases benefit from each model, how trends in the industry are driving a growth in alternative pricing plans, where those plans fit in the future of electronic discovery and what you need to know to get the right solution at the right price for your firm.

I will be presenting the webinar with Dr. Gavin Manes.  It should be educational and fun too!  Normally, the first rule of pricing for an eDiscovery solution (like Fight Club) is that you don’t talk about it, but we will!  Register here to talk about what nobody normally talks about.

eDiscovery Assistant

Speaking of Gavin, Avansic and webinars, just a reminder that there is one remaining FREE DIY discovery webinar that is coming up next week to teach you DIY discovery of production!  Here it is, and if you missed the first one on data loading or the second one on search and analytics, you can also check out those here and here!

Wed, Oct 13, 2021 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM CDT: DIY Production and Production Request Formats

Requesting, receiving and loading productions should be DIY but is often derailed by the requested or received format. We can help by presenting the ins and outs of production specifications that are needed. This presentation will also include easy and practical tips on how to fix productions that don’t meet the specifications, and how to re-request the production if necessary. Finally, we will discuss ahead-of-time enhancements that can be done to receive productions and normalize data for eDiscovery reviewers.

So, what do you think?  Are you happy with the price of your eDiscovery solution?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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