The Power of Partnerships in Our Industry: eDiscovery Best Practices

It’s partner day!  🙂  And that word is especially appropriate with this post as it involves a terrific talk on the power of partnerships with Adam Rubinger, HaystackID’s Chief Client Experience Officer, who spoke at SOLID Fall 2021 earlier this month.

Adam, is “a recovering lawyer celebrating my quarter century anniversary of providing legal services”, which he says “sounds like a long time”, but then he notes so does calling it “25 years”.  Regardless, he’s learned “a few things” about partnerships in our industry and he shares those in a terrific 7-minute video here.  In it, he provides five insights he’s gained over the years while forming successful partnerships and also provides an example of a partnership he’s had for over nine years with a Fortune 100 client and how they came to the relationship with a very collaborative mindset.

One key thing that Adam has learned is that the mindset and energy you bring to a relationship is everything – negative mindsets and energy will likely lead to negative results, and positive energy and mindsets will bring positive results.  Where did he learn this?  From his wife, who is a mindset coach who helps entrepreneurs and companies utilize energy and mindset to position themselves for better outcomes!


I have been a big believer in partnerships and with client and provider treating their relationship like a partnership – because it is.  As some of you know, I hate the word “vendor”, which (to me) sounds like someone selling hot dogs on a street corner.  I’ve covered many eDiscovery disasters over the years where the client treated the provider like a “vendor” and/or the provider acted like a “vendor”, taking orders instead of consulting and collaborating with the client to achieve desired outcomes.  It always works better when they bring a partnership mentality to the relationship.  Just ask Adam – and his wife!  😉  Check out his excellent talk here!

So, what do you think?  How do you work with the clients and/or providers in your projects?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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