This Year’s Blog Post About Halloween Kills – with Michael Myers!

Sunday is Halloween!  This is my twelfth(!) year (second on this blog) to identify stories to try to “scare” you with tales of eDiscovery, data privacy and cybersecurity horrors because it is, after all, an eDiscovery blog.  Let’s see how I do this year.  And please don’t be shocked by the Michael Myers image at the bottom of this blog post (it may be the scariest I’ve seen), but I have to get some Halloween-themed scary stuff in here too.

Does this scare you?

The eDiscovery violations in this case were so bad, defense counsel was ordered to complete at least eight hours of continuing legal education on ESI by the end of the year.  Even worse, they were forced to certify that they had read this massive order.  Oh the horror!

What about this?

Apparently, 43 percent of you feel you’re underpaid.  That could be one reason why there’s a “Great Resignation” taking place this year.

Or this?

If your opponent uses CCleaner to keep automatically delete files off their computer and forgets to turn it off after the case is filed, two courts say that’s not a reason for dismissing the case.


How about this?

While “the cloud” may have plenty of benefits, this aspect of using cloud-based solutions is creating a big “can of worms” for eDiscovery professionals everywhere.  And it’s just one reason why “conversations” have become so much more challenging to capture from an eDiscovery perspective.

Or maybe this?

Halloween gives people nightmares.  Speaking of nightmares, eDiscovery may be the biggest Information Governance nightmare.

Have you considered this?

Here are 887 million reasons why you should take data privacy seriously.

Finally, how about this?

Nearly 1 in 4 employees said they still had access to accounts from past jobs and 41.7% of employees admitted to having shared workplace passwords.  Here are two examples of the consequences when organizations let this happen.

Scary, huh?  If the possibility of embarrassing major sanctions for eDiscovery mismanagement, retaining top talent within your organizations, managing multi-channel conversations in discovery, facing significant data privacy fines or failing to do the obvious to protect your company against cyberattacks doesn’t scare you, then eDiscovery Today will do its best to provide useful information and best practices to enable you to relax and sleep soundly, even on Halloween!

Now to the Halloween-themed scary part of this post.  The shocking image of Michael Myers!  Scroll down only if you dare!

It’s coming!


Are you sure you want to see this?


It may give you nightmares.


Last warning!


Ok, here it is!


Eegads!!  See, I told you this image of Michael Myers is truly scary!  If you can’t sleep tonight, don’t blame me – I warned you!

What do you think?  Is there a particular eDiscovery issue that scares you?  Please share your comments and let us know if you’d like more information on a particular topic.

Happy Halloween!

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