A Forensics Specialist Thinks About Mobile Device Forensics as a “Goldmine”: eDiscovery Best Practices

Mobile devices have become vital to discovery efforts and just about any case involves ESI from mobile devices these days.  So, how does a forensics specialist address mobile device forensics?  This blog post from Avansic shows that he or she thinks of it like the prospectors of the old west – as a “goldmine” of useful information!

Their latest post (How Mobile Device Forensics is a Goldmine) discusses considerations related to storage capacity, basic forensics results, forensic collection types (such as physical collection and logical and file system extraction), syncing, dealing with locked devices and other challenges.  And how old or new the device is may impact the forensic collection method(s) being used.

So, do you know the right method to use and when?  A forensics specialist does – and they don’t even have to wear those silly miners’ hats!  Regardless, check out their new post here to understand how mobile device forensics can be a “goldmine”!  It is, after all, where much of your relevant data lives today.   And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

Speaking of mobile devices, check out Avansic’s recent two-part blog series How to Properly Display Text Messages for eDiscovery Review, as follows:

Part 1: Discusses why text messages aren’t like email when it comes to reviewing them, the challenges associated with data storage and extraction and review challenges.  Avansic even illustrates a screenshot example of an extraction report from Cellebrite to show how conversations can be created from the forensic data that Cellebrite extracts.

Part 2: Discusses why screenshots are not the answer, the importance of context (which was an issue in this case) and the importance of forensic authentication when court disputes arise regarding the substance and timelines for conversations.

Looks like eDiscovery is Going Mobile!  Out in the woods, or in the city — it’s all the same to me (when it’s time to collect ESI, that is).  🙂


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