Here’s a Webinar That Will Show How Digital Forensics Saves the Day!: eDiscovery Best Practices

A digital forensics investigation can make an impactful difference in an otherwise “routine” eDiscovery document review. Want proof? Here’s a webinar from Avansic that will show how digital forensics saves the day with two of the most notable and recognized experts in our business: Craig Ball of the Ball in Your Court blog and Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic!

On December 8th at 1:30pm CT, Avansic will be hosting the webinar Digital Forensics Saves the Day – Top Cases in Review. In this one-hour webinar, Craig and Gavin will be discussing top cases where forensics went beyond general eDiscovery practices to shine a light on advanced, hard-to-find, or less obvious case-related information.

The link to register for the webinar above also provides a preview of what you’ll be hearing and includes a case study example of how a bad actor can gain control of communications between a purchaser and a supplier and direct a wire transaction to their own account – without the parties even realizing it, as they sued each other over the payment sent and not received!

Evidence Optix

Register for the webinar here with two experts who are as knowledgeable as they get! And check out the preview and case study in the post – it’s eye opening!

Speaking of posts, if you missed our webinar last month (Apples to Oranges: How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a “Lemon” with Pricing for Your eDiscovery Solution), where Gavin, Lance Watson and I had a terrific discussion regarding pricing considerations for eDiscovery solutions. But you can also read this blog post by Gavin, which discusses considerations as well, including the growth of cloud-based solutions, types of standard pricing models, what’s in a gigabyte when it comes to how solutions are billed, example case scenarios, questions to ask your eDiscovery providers and recommendations for choosing your own pricing plan. Check it out – it’s very informative and a quick read!

So, do you know where and how digital forensics can impact your discovery effort? Or how to avoid getting stuck with a “lemon” in your eDiscovery solution pricing plan? If not, check out the webinar and blog posts above! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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