An eDiscovery Potpourri of Topics!: eDiscovery Trends

Even with two posts a day (sometimes three), I can’t get to all the topics I’d like to cover. So, here’s something I don’t normally do – a multi-topic post! Enjoy this eDiscovery potpourri of topics!

eDiscovery Potpourri #1 – The eDiscovery Medicine Show: In case you missed it when it was originally available last year, Maura R. Grossman, J.D., Ph.D. and Gordon V. Cormack, Ph.D. have published a paper that seeks to invite an open and honest dialogue regarding the need for truth and science in eDiscovery. And they are definitively open and honest in their discussion of the industry (as I previously discussed here), comparing it to medicine shows of the early 1900s, where “unscrupulous purveyors of magical elixirs promoted their wares”! It’s now available in the Print Issue of the Fall 2021 edition of the Ohio State Technology Law Journal here. A must read!

eDiscovery Potpourri #2 – The Predictions Webinar 2022: Relativity just conducted a 30-minute webinar on eDiscovery and legal tech predictions for 2022, delightfully hosted by David Horrigan and Constantine Pappas. David and Constantine not only went through the predictions from expert judges, lawyers and eDiscovery practitioners, they also issued the gold, silver and bronze medals for 2021 predictions. My prediction regarding proportionality in eDiscovery took the bronze, Martha Louks, Director of Technology Services at McDermott Will & Emery took the silver for her prediction on short message data and Zach Warren, Editor-in-Chief at Legaltech® News took the gold medal for his prediction on eDiscovery and political litigation. I’m honored to be on the podium! You can watch the webinar on-demand here. As Susan Estes shared in this Twitter post, at least one adorable creature was “curious” how I could have finished so high! 😀

eDiscovery Potpourri #3 – “eDiscovery”, “E-Discovery” or Other?, The People Have Spoken: The latest discussion about how to spell the abbreviation for “electronic discovery” (which my blog post here seems to have started, Mike Quartararo’s ACEDS post here continued and I followed up with a rebuttal here) also led to a poll conducted by eDiscovery Assistant, which just concluded with 359(!) respondents. Those results are here. To say it wasn’t close is an understatement – “eDiscovery” had more than ten times the votes of each of the next two choices.  I think I’ll celebrate with a slice of cheesecake! 😉

So, what do you think?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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