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The LawNext Legal Technology Directory: Legal Technology Trends

Here’s a terrific new idea and product that I hope is a big success – the LawNext Legal Technology Directory founded by Bob Ambrogi’s company LawNext Media!

As Bob notes on his terrific LawSites blog, “Consider this our MVP. Our goal is to continue to develop this into a comprehensive directory of products, reviews, learning resources, and more, where buyers can find trusted information to guide their purchases, and where vendors can help their products be discovered and distinguished.”

To make the LawNext Legal Technology Directory a success, Bob says they need two things from the buyers and sellers of legal tech products:

  • Buyers: Add a review. Peer reviews are the most-trusted form of buying information. Take a moment to review a legal tech product you use. Help guide others in evaluating products.
  • Sellers: List your products. Several hundred companies listed their products in advance of our launch. Now we invite other vendors to add yours. There is no cost, and you get to ensure that your product listing is accurate and complete.

The LawNext Legal Technology Directory has several categories of legal tech products, ranging from Contracting, Document Technology and Governance, Risk and Compliance to Litigation, Discovery and Law Department Technology. Those are just a few examples of the fourteen categories, which contain thirty-eight sub-categories.

The Discovery category has two sub-categories: Legal Holds and Electronic Discovery and there are already several entries into each sub-category, including entries from eDiscovery Today Educational Partners, HaystackID and Insight Optix!

As Bob notes in his blog post about the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, “We know we have more work to do to make this the most useful directory in the market. But we also know we cannot achieve that without your participation – both the buyers and sellers who make this market so vital.

So check us out. Kick the tires. Add your reviews or listings. Then email with your feedback, suggestions and critiques:  or”


Like Bob said, check it out. If we get plenty of buyers and sellers to provide input, it could be a terrific resource for legal professionals everywhere! I hope it becomes that!

So, what do you think?  Are you interested in the LawNext Legal Technology Directory? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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