2022 Legalweek Word Cloud

2022 Legalweek Word Cloud: Legal Technology Trends

Legalweek starts a week from today! No, really! 😉 And with it comes the 2022 Legalweek Word Cloud of top topics in this year’s Legalweek agenda! Let’s take a look.

I’ve done a word cloud the past several years for the topics in the conference and the past two years, I’ve used an Add-In to Word to generate it (making it a WORD cloud, get it?). Anyway, I captured the content of the agenda session titles and descriptions using a revolutionary technology known as “copy & paste” to place it into the Word document. As for the Add-In, I started with the one I used last year, but realized it was over-exclusive (e.g., left out the word “privacy”) and couldn’t be adjusted. So, I found a different one that I can customize which is not free, but comes with a 7 day trial (so I either need to buy it next year or use a different computer 😉 ).

In the first iteration of generating the 2022 Legalweek Word Cloud, the result was dominated with the words “Legal” (which occurs 149 times), “data” (which occurs 80) and “technology” (which occurs 64). Since it’s no surprise that those words are in there, I excluded them to yield a more useful result of specific topic words and I also removed “session” and “Track” to further reduce the noise. A few observations:

  • Aside from the terms mentioned above (and stop words), the most used term in the 2022 Legalweek Word Cloud was “Tools”, which occurred 52 times. The terms “law” and “business” were next up at 45 occurrences.
  • The term “contract” is high up there with 38 occurrences, which indicates (to me, at least) a lot of sessions around contract management and analysis.
  • The term “AI” occurs 37 times and “intelligence” 8 times, half of which go with the phrase “artificial intelligence”.
  • “Compliance” and “privacy” occur 34 times each, so that’s a clear indication of the interest in those two highly related topics.
  • Other notable terms are “risk” (25 occurrences), “Automation” (24), “Emerging” (23), “eDiscovery” (22, and the word “Discovery” appears 14 times), “Governance” (18), “Litigation” (17). Surprisingly, “security” only occurred 9 times, go figure.

The complete agenda is here and it’s chock full of interesting looking sessions!  You can still register via the link here, with pricing info here. I will cover notable sessions next week each day of the event related to eDiscovery, information governance, cybersecurity, data privacy and AI. And, I’ll have more to say about the event later this week as well!

So, what do you think?  Are you surprised by any of the results in the 2022 Legalweek Word Cloud? And are you attending Legalweek next week?  If so, hope to see you there! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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