Hanzo Partners with Nightfall

Hanzo Partners with Nightfall

It’s announcement week! And here’s an announcement that Hanzo partners with Nightfall to bring Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Classification to enterprise eDiscovery and investigations!  A portion of the press release announcement is below, the entire press release is here.

Hanzo Partners With Nightfall, Bringing Data Loss Prevention and Data Classification To Enterprise Ediscovery & Investigations

The intersection of data loss prevention (DLP) and ediscovery technology applies data classification and risk detection to ediscovery at scale — bringing new analysis and efficiency to investigations.

Hanzo, a technology pioneer in preserving, collecting, reviewing, and exporting dynamic, complex collaboration and web-based data, announces a partnership with Nightfall AI, the first cloud-native extensible data loss prevention (DLP) platform. This partnership provides two significant product offerings. First, for clients requiring a DLP solution, Hanzo pairs with Nightfall to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data within cloud applications such as Slack, Google Drive, and others. Second, for non-DLP clients, Hanzo leverages Nightfall’s ML-powered detection engine in order to provide message and file intelligence for content collected for internal investigations or ediscovery matters. Combined with Hanzo’s own Vision ML behavior analysis, Hanzo now offers over 150 types of PII/PHI/PCI, credentials and secrets detected. Hanzo illuminates sensitive data and allows customers to search and discover specific classifications at any point along the ediscovery journey including data exports.

“This partnership strengthens our offerings for our customers. By leveraging Nightfall’s detection engine, we’re providing greater data intelligence and making it affordable to proactively identify potential risks,” said David Ruel, senior product manager, Hanzo. “Sensitive data detection and content analysis on Slack messages and attachments is a game-changer for customers. Now enterprises will have a solution that helps their legal, forensic, HR, and IT teams better understand their many data sources, gain insights into the information within these systems, and address the issues before they lead to litigation.”

This partnership advances Hanzo’s commitment of providing enterprises with the best-in-class solutions for bringing awareness and understanding of the information in Slack, Google and other collaboration platforms. Organizations can limit risk by proactively identifying information that counters their corporate governance, privacy, and data security policies.

“Powering sensitive data classification and protection in every app or service is why we launched the Nightfall Developer Platform,” said Rohan Sathe, co-founder, and chief technology officer at Nightfall. “We’re excited to partner with innovative companies like Hanzo who seamlessly incorporate our AI-powered data classification engine within their system to provide enterprises superior capabilities for analyzing their Slack ediscovery data.”

The combination of Hanzo and Nightfall helps enterprise legal and HR teams manage and mitigate risk, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of sensitive content such as PII, PCI, PHI, credentials, and secrets to detect and take action.
  • Ability to collect and classify historical data collected by Hanzo using consistent Nightfall DLP detection rules.
  • Automating workflows to more efficiently manage critical investigations and discovery tasks.
  • Provide greater intelligence into Slack communications.

Given current world events, protecting sensitive data has never been more important, so this partnership announcement makes a lot of sense! You can find out more about how Hanzo partners with Nightfall and about their terrific technology by joining Hanzo during Legalweek, March 9-11, 2022, at booth #3126!

So, what do you think of the announcement that Hanzo partners with Nightfall? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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