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Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation is Here!

I said last week was announcement week, but this week really is! Here’s the first one of today: eDiscovery Today Educational Partner Onna announces Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation! Here’s the text of the press release.

New feature simplifies and expedites the legal hold process with real-time preservation across multiple applications in a single action

New York and Barcelona – 8 March, 2022: Onna, the knowledge discovery leader, today announced the availability of Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation. Through a single action from within Onna, the In-place Preservation feature deploys data preservation in real-time across content, communication, and collaboration applications, helping legal teams improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of the legal hold process.

While Onna eDiscovery customers have always been able to preserve their data within Onna’s centralized and search-ready archive, In-place Preservation offers customers the additional choice to preserve data within the source application.

In today’s remote working world, placing and managing in-app legal holds and preservations has become an increasingly complex challenge, often involving many custodians and a variety of file types stored across multiple cloud applications. Having to apply and manage legal holds separately across numerous applications requires more time, which puts data at risk of being deleted or changed during the process. It also increases the likelihood that key custodians are placed on hold incorrectly or missed entirely. Failing to adequately preserve data can result in substantial consequences, from financial penalties to negative inference, which can adversely impact case outcomes.

Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation simplifies and reduces risk in the legal hold process by allowing IT or legal departments to simply upload a list of targeted custodians into Onna eDiscovery, select their applications, and execute preservations across each of those applications in a single action. Key benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Reduce manual work and save time by unifying the legal hold and preservation process for all applications and targeted custodians into a single step
  • Real-time holds: Placing holds in real time gives legal teams time to validate which custodians are relevant to their case prior to a collection
  • Centralized management: Preserve data once and manage holds easily from a centralized location
  • Expedited downstream collections: Users have peace of mind knowing that subsequent collections will be efficient and defensible –– once In-place Preservation is completed, users will be able to search, cull, and export the resulting data set to their review tool for further analysis

“Two of the biggest concerns attorneys have with using technology to preserve targeted data is the lack of consistency in the execution of preservation across all applications, and the lack of trust that all data has been adequately preserved within those applications,” said Jose Lazares, Chief Product Officer at Onna. “By enabling data preservation both in Onna and in source systems with a single click, we are providing that consistency and enabling a legal hold process that attorneys can trust. “

Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation will support Slack and Google Vault preservation tasks to start, with Microsoft Office 365 and Box soon to follow.

About Onna

For organizations, knowledge is power. Onna accelerates the discovery of knowledge, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights from the ever-growing amount of fragmented information that exists across the vast number of collaboration, communication and content applications. By connecting information silos, organizations can unify, protect, search, and build on top of their proprietary knowledge. With Onna, organizations save time and money, reduce risk, and use knowledge to be more competitive.

Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform connects to Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Confluence, Dropbox, Zoom and many others, to enhance activities like eDiscovery, information governance, knowledge management, and identifying private and sensitive data sharing.

With headquarters in New York City and Barcelona and teams in Raleigh, San Francisco, Toulouse, and London, Onna supports some of the world’s leading companies, including Dropbox, Electronic Arts, Lyft, Better, Carvana, and NewsCorp. Onna has raised more than $50M from investors, including Atomico, Dawn Capital, Dropbox, and Slack Fund. To learn more, visit www.onna.com.

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In-place preservation has become a must to streamline the discovery process, so the new Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation will be an important capability for teams looking to improve their workflows!

So, what do you think?  How does your organization currently address in-place preservation? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

Disclosure: Onna is an Educational Partner and sponsor of eDiscovery Today

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