Thursday Sessions at UF

Thursday Sessions at UF Law’s E-Discovery Conference: eDiscovery Best Practices

Yesterday’s sessions at the University of Florida Levin College of Law (UF Law) E-Discovery Conference were terrific and day 2 of the conference is happening today! You can attend wherever you are – it’s completely online and free! With that in mind, here are the Thursday sessions at UF Law’s E-Discovery Conference.

Just a reminder that you can register here to attend the conference, which, in my opinion, is now the best two-day eDiscovery conference there is with regard to terrific speakers and topics! If you register today, you can still catch all the sessions today, and yesterday’s sessions on demand! Here are the Thursday sessions at UF Law’s E-Discovery Conference (all times ET)!

9:00am-9:15am: Day 2 Welcome


A few words from our host on the day ahead.

  • William Hamilton, Senior Legal Skills Professor At The University Of Florida Levin College Of Law

9:15am-10:00am: Transformation and Joy In eDiscovery

For our keynote fireside chat, join Amy Sellars and George Socha for a lively discussion about the transformative power eDiscovery professionals can bring to the larger legal community and the value that finding joy in eDiscovery can bring to you and your colleagues.

  • Amy Sellars, Legal Chief of Staff And Director of Legal Operations at SunPower Corporation
  • George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal

10:00am-10:50am: People, Process and Technology: Building A Better Review Team

The data explosion is still ongoing. It’s not just volume that is the continuing challenge, but we are also dealing with constantly changing and growing technology and sources. What’s an ESI lawyer to do? This panel will review the strategies, processes and technology to build a better team and accelerate your review, while keeping an eye on accuracy, speed and defensibility.

  • Julie K. Brown, Director of Practice Technology at Vorys, Sater, Seymour And Pease LLP
  • Ian Campbell, President & Ceo at Iconect
  • Tom O’Connor, Director at Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center
  • Sunny Sanghani, Managing Director at Protiviti
  • Tessa K. Jacob, Partner at Husch Blackwell LLP (Moderator)

11:00am-11:50am: The E-Discovery Professionals Toolkit on Power Searching

Learning how to cull data in an efficient, defensible manner can make a huge difference in your cases – both on budgets and substantively. This panel will discuss the most cutting edge processes, strategies, and technology for searching both common and not so common data sources. They will also help you answer the question – hammer or scalpel? Which is more appropriate in your case?

  • Hon. William Matthewman, U.S. Magistrate Judge of The Southern District of Florida
  • Paul H. McVoy, CEO of Meta-E Discovery LLC
  • Jessie Torres, Partner, Director of eDiscovery and Litigation Support at Berger Singerman
  • Tessa K. Jacob, Partner at Husch Blackwell LLP (Moderator)

1:00pm-1:50pm: Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Recovering From A Breach

Data privacy is (or should be) a concern for every legal team, and—whether you’re a law firm, major corporation, or small business—as the saying goes, it’s not a question of if you’ll sustain a data breach, but when? What will you do? Join us for a session where we’ll discuss the applicable law, statistical data, and practical realities of data privacy and data protection, and illustrate these topics with a case study: a Capital One data breach, and the steps Capital One took to recover from the breach.

  • Victoria Edelman, Director, External Data Sharing at Capital One
  • Scott A. Milner, Partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Ryan O’Leary, Research Manager At IDC
  • Kenya Parrish-Dixon, General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer at Empire Technologies Risk Management Group
  • David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel and Legal Education Director At Relativity (Moderator)

2:00pm-2:50pm: Internal Investigations: Getting to What’s Really Important Quickly

Internal investigations — whether triggered by whistleblower complaints, anticipated litigation, or routine compliance — require effectiveness, speed, and surety. The investigation’s goal is to drill quickly to the important materials and key information, not to review every relevant artifact of electronically stored information. Deploying a toolkit that quickly analyses items like entities, communications, images, and sentiment along with machine learning and search can help you effectively target your investigation and expose potential liabilities – or be sure there’s nothing to report on. Join this panel of distinguished practitioners and experts to learn the methods, tools, and techniques necessary to get your investigation to the heart of things quickly.

  • C. Matthew Detzel, Partner at Holland And Knight, Llp
  • Jay Leib, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Reveal
  • Ilan Sherr, Executive Director / Legal Director at Aiscension / DLA Piper
  • Jeanne Somma, Chief Legal Office And Head Of Managed Review at Lineal Services
  • William Hamilton, Senior Legal Skills Professor at The University of Florida Levin College Of Law (Moderator)

3:00pm-3:50pm: Structured Data and IOT

Leaders in law and legal technologies will share their real-life challenges, tips, and solutions leveraging existing and new technologies to utilize the important and often case determinative data of the Internet of Things through these four short presentations.

ESI is everywhere! From a routine intersectional collision to the UPC code on your Pop-Tarts, digital artifacts tell compelling human stories about us all as we live our lives tracked and telemetered more closely than astronauts.

  • Craig Ball, President of Craig D. Ball, P.C.

The building design and construction fields are rapidly changing as new technologies are implemented to perform tasks and to assist performance. Managing e-Discovery in design and construction cases requires keeping up with new and evolving technology and the language bridging the legal and the technical sides of securing information from a variety of data sources. Lawyers must familiarize themselves with the culture of creating, storing, and sharing information in the various entities involved in a given project or dispute as well as the many different sources of data, such as BIM, project management software, drone data, augmented reality devices, robotic devices, hand held devices, messaging platforms, wearable technologies, sensors, photographs and videos. This presentation will provide practical tips for requesting and gathering data in construction cases.

  • Leslie King O’Neal, Associate General Counsel at Brasfield & Gorrie, L.L.C.

Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) persist as one of the most widespread but complex electronic discovery items that confront practitioners. Their collection, production, and use is governed by a sophisticated overlay of federal regulatory frameworks (the HITEC Act, the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act, HIPAA, the CIOX decision, etc.)  Discovering the content available in EHR’s requires keen insight into the information sources found in the healthcare environment, as well as the audit trail functionality contained in most every EHR platform. This presentation and its materials will survey the landscape of EHR discovery, provide important practice tips, and prepare practitioners for the most recent regulatory changes taking effect.

  • Chad Roberts, Principal at eDiscovery CoCounsel, PLLC

As the world goes digital, so does evidence. And the fastest growing body of evidence is “structured data.” Often postponed or ignored in discovery, this can be efficient, material, and even dispositive. In 15 minutes (or less) learn about structured data, why it’s important, and why you might one day have a “zero email” case.

  • Dan Regard, Founder & CEO of iDiscovery Solutions

So, what do you think?  Are you attending the supersized UF Law E-Discovery Conference? Today’s your last chance – it’s free, you know. 😉  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

Disclaimer: The views represented herein are exclusively the views of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views held by my employer, my partners or my clients. eDiscovery Today is made available solely for educational purposes to provide general information about general eDiscovery principles and not to provide specific legal advice applicable to any particular circumstance. eDiscovery Today should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a lawyer you have retained and who has agreed to represent you.

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