13 Reasons Love eDiscovery

13 Reasons I Love eDiscovery: eDiscovery Trends

It’s Friday the 13th! While a lot of people consider this an unlucky (or scary) day, I choose to embrace a more positive look at the number 13. With that in mind, here are 13 reasons I love eDiscovery!

13 Reasons I Love eDiscovery

Here they are. I could probably list many more reasons, but that wouldn’t fit into the theme, now would it?

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  1. Many true crime stories today involve discovery of electronic evidence (e.g., cell phone location data, Fitbit tracking data, Ring cameras, etc.)
  2. Even though we can’t even agree how to spell our own industry (eDiscovery, E-Discovery, ediscovery), we can still get along.
  3. eDiscovery links into so many other disciplines, such as cybersecurity, data privacy, information governance, etc.
  4. No other discipline does a better job of linking together legal nerds with technology nerds.
  5. Every time there is a merger or acquisition, people worry about consolidation, even though there are dozens of software and service providers remaining (and new providers coming into the market). Don’t believe me? Check this guide out.
  6. The use cases for eDiscovery just keep growing, e.g., investigations, Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), HSR Second Requests, etc.
  7. There are tons of free resources out there to learn about eDiscovery, including blogs, white papers, studies, reference models and webinars.
  8. In eDiscovery, you have to learn to speak several “languages”, e.g., Legal, Technical, Project Management, Industry Specific Terms.
  9. There are always interesting eDiscovery case law rulings to learn from.
  10. eDiscovery is a career in which you can work for three, four or even five decades. Take that Tom Brady!
  11. Overall, the eDiscovery community is great at supporting each other.
  12. You can do most eDiscovery work anywhere – even at home in your pajamas!
  13. You can make a living writing about eDiscovery! 😀

So, what do you think?  How many of these 13 reasons I love eDiscovery do you love too? What else do you love about eDiscovery? And, if you don’t love eDiscovery, why are you reading this?!? 😉 Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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  1. Great Friday read and list, especially #13 and I’m pushing on #10…thanks, Doug! I can’t wait to see similar lists for holidays & eDiscovery, such as Halloween or especially Labor Day – that would be cool!

    Aaron Taylor

  2. Thanks, Aaron! I already do a Halloween post every year about things that “frighten” us in eDiscovery, and a year-end post leading into the holidays with the top posts of the year, so look for those later this year!

    As for Labor Day, I’m not doing anything specific, except choosing to NOT labor on that day! 😉

  3. Dang it! I knew about your Halloween posts but in the excitement of your current list I totally forgot! 😉

    And I’ll excuse you for Labor Day…I think you build up enough credits with your load of multiple daily posts to deserve at least one day off. 😁

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