1. Seems like “Photos” refers to Apple Software that comes with any MacBook, right? Might just be that people have different habits/processes of dealing with their photos, and going through Apple Photos for photos having been shot on an iPhone is one such process. Does Apple Photos change EXIF data upon opening the file? Certainly possible. The only thing this says it that Apple software was used, which may not be surprising assuming use of an iPhone. EXIF analysis is a rather useless IMHO, considering forensic analysis could determine whether a photo was actually edited (not just openend in some software). Had they presented photos with and without “Photos 3.0” in them would lead me to believe that some could have been edited, but otherwise, it may just be how those photos were taken off the iPhone, in absence of knowledge of any other way to do that.

  2. […] Amber Heard Photo Metadata and the Depp-Heard Trial: eDiscovery Trends: Hey, with so many people watching the trial (including my lovely wife Paige, who tipped me off to this story), did you think I was going to miss the opportunity to cover an eDiscovery angle about it? I’m building an audience here! 😉 And I repeat, I’m not taking sides. […]

  3. […] Adli tıp, meta veriler veya diğer e-Keşif ile ilgili konular veya hatta UPC kodlarını anlama, daha iyi PowerPoint sunumları oluşturma ve Zoom toplantılarına katılma gibi şeyler olsun, Craig her zaman öğreniyor gibi görünüyor. Bir ürüne dalacak ve onu derecelendirecek Google Nokta Tespiti muhtemelen öncelikle nasıl çalıştığıyla ilgilendiğinden. Ya da bir anlayış geliştirmek görüntülerdeki meta verilerhangi çok önemli hale geldi son dikkate değer vaka. […]

  4. […] that is). It’s now a central theme of stories in the headlines. Whether it’s Alex Jones, the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial, the January 6th capitol insurrection or the “Wagatha Christie” scandal across the pond, […]

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