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Managed Document Review Trends Are What “He Said, She Said”!: eDiscovery Trends

Time for another installment of the “He Said, She Said” podcast! This episode is about Managed Document Review Trends!

Recently, Christy Burke (who is President and Founder of Burke & Company LLC) and I conducted an interview with four thought leaders who are in the trenches when it comes to managed document review: Chris Baker, Senior Attorney Manager of Managed Review Delivery and Operations at Cobra Legal Solutions, Aisling Curran, Executive Vice President of Integrated Services at Cimplifi, Matt Daimler, Senior Vice President & General Manager at HaystackID and Claire Frazer, Global Head of Managed Review, Integreon.

We discussed a variety of topics, including: 1) how our panelists came to work in this field, 2) how managed document review has changed the most since the pandemic, 3) how the perceptions regarding offshore managed document review have changed with clients, 4) managing communications within review teams in a remote review, 5) how remote review has evolved to be more intuitive and useful for its clients, 6) how the project management and technology (including machine learning technologies like TAR) sides of managed document review have changed in recent years and 7) what single factor over the next few years each of them thinks will be most likely to revolutionize how managed document review will be conducted in the future!

It’s a terrific interview with four thought leaders about a variety of topics related to managed document review!  The interview is below AND it’s also available in eDiscovery Today’s YouTube channel here!

This is the latest interview for Christy and me in a new podcast series called “He Said, She Said” (credit Christy for the clever name – it’s what she said 😉 ).  In this periodic podcast, we will be covering the human side of legal technology and eDiscovery and taking on topics we believe are very important and creating a forum for thoughtful discussion.  Look for more discussions coming soon! And thanks again to Kiley for her video editing assistance!

So, what do you think?  How is your organization conducting document review for eDiscovery?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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