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ComplexDiscovery Has Streamlined the 2022 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide!: eDiscovery Trends

You may be aware of Andrew Haslam’s terrific annual eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide, but you may not be aware that ComplexDiscovery has streamlined the Buyers Guide into a terrific interactive archive!

Now you are! Rob Robinson’s excellent ComplexD site has taken the 2022 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide (which I previously covered here and then also covered in-depth here) and turned it into an interactive guide, enabling you to quickly navigate to any section within the guide.

So, if you want to navigate to Andrew’s Executive Summary or his write-up of the Changing Legal Environment or his list of Current Issues/What’s Hot or his discussion of Supplier’s Pricing/Client Tactics, it’s just a single click to get to those sections or to any other section in the Buyers Guide.


That becomes even more useful when you get to the Suppliers and Software sections, where you can drill down and click to the individual service supplier or software provider. That’s huge for people looking to quickly assess the differences between providers at a glance.

The fact that ComplexDiscovery has streamlined the Buyers Guide and made it interactive, makes the Guide an even handier reference source for buying info and considerations! Thanks, Rob!

So, what do you think? Were you aware that ComplexDiscovery has streamlined the Buyers Guide?  You are now, so check it out!  And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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