Search is Not Obsolete

Search is Not Obsolete – Understanding Workflow Search Principles: eDiscovery Webinars

This recent eDiscovery Bootcamp webinar from Avansic continues providing some great search best practices. And it illustrates that search is not obsolete, if you know what you’re doing!

The webinar eDiscovery Bootcamp: Search is Not Obsolete – Understanding Workflow Search Principles (available here) was once again conducted by Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic and Ian Campbell of iCONECT.

In this webinar, Gavin and Ian discuss search examples that led to winning cases and how they created and applied those searches. They also discuss limitations of search and how a set of search terms can be adjusted to be used with different platforms. For example, they discuss performing the same searches in M365 that you perform in an eDiscovery platform, but with syntax adjustments).

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They also discuss how to use search term reports. And they discuss searching for personally identifiable information (PII), taking advantage of data visualization and more! Once again, they do it all efficiently, in just 46 minutes!

So, search is not obsolete, if you know what you’re doing! In our EDRM webinar last week, I asked a question about recommendations for understanding searching best practices better. To do that, I recommend checking out this excellent series! Check out part 1 of the series here, then check out part 2 here!

So, what do you think? Do you think search is obsolete? If not, check out the webinar! If so, check out the webinar and learn why you’re wrong! 😉 And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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