Crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 Observations

Crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 Observations: Legal Technology Trends

ILTACON 2022 is over, but observations about the conference continue! At the end of the conference, I reached out to many of the people I met with for their observations about the conference. So, here are their crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 observations!

I’m publishing their crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 observations in the order they provided them to me, because that’s how I roll… 😉

“I was in D.C. for client meetings throughout the conference, but it was an honor to be asked to officially join some talks on the floor in my spare time. One thing stood out to me about this year- most of us called it a night, on average, earlier than at Legal Week or CLOC. I think this speaks to the excitement everyone felt to connect and learn on both a professional and personal level!”

Stephen Herrera, Litigation & Investigations BD, UnitedLex

“Strong overall attendance – as much if not higher than pre-pandemic attendance levels. Strong focus around AI, Automation (including Robotic Process Automation), Change Management, and a heavy lineup of vendor product update and demos. My favorite session by far was the “Legal Ops & Law Firms – The Future of the Legal Industry” led by two Directors of Legal Operations (Carl Morrison from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Tom Stephenson of Credit Karma). It was standing room only. The content was great, the speakers were vivacious and engaging, and the session was very interactive including break-outs groups to brainstorming solutions for various case studies that ultimately serve as a model for how corporate legal departments, outside counsel, and legal tech vendors need to collaborate and partner together to achieve success. Also learned some new legal fun facts from speaker Barbara Gondim Da Rocha from RSM Advogados: Brazil has more lawyers per capita than any other country in the world and has more law schools than the rest of the world combined.”

Amit Dungarani, Vice President, Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives, Casepoint

“Great to be back in person. Great energy! Loved it.”


Michael Quartararo, President, Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists

“If I could sum up ILTACON 22 in three words it would be connection, education, and automation. Both the education and networking sessions were well attended with attendees hungry for relevant content and engagement. The re-occurring theme of the education sessions and emerging technologies was automation.”

Monica Harris, Product Business Manager, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

“Really enjoyed taking a deep dive at ILTA into our technology channel partners’ road maps to see how we can continue to use technology to help support solving our clients’ pain points. The best example is how these platforms will support emerging technologies like Teams, Slack and mobile data from processing, analytics and review and production. Also loved Justice Kennedy’s keynote focused on the importance of being an ally when it comes to diversity and inclusion.”

Scott Milner, Partner and Co-Lead of eData Practice, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

“Great way to connect with colleagues who most have not been able to see in-person for years. There were numerous panels that discussed cutting edge solutions as well as presented industry leading methodology.  Both the substantive and procedural conversations greatly enhance the industry for the better. As legal technology rapidly changes it is essential for practitioners both from the Government and private side to be well informed so that they can be up to date as possible.  Areas such as AI, privacy, cybersecurity, information governance, are just a few of the areas where professionals need to gain a thorough understanding so that they can aid clients in complex situations especially where information will only continue to grow and get more complex.”

Nick Wittenberg, Senior Manager, Deloitte

“A theme running through many panels is change enablement. Every segment of legal tech, not just ediscovery, is focusing methodically on how to help legal enterprises adopt new technologies and how to demonstrate the value and benefit. It appears to be a turning point from our industry’s decades-long moaning about slow rates of adoption.”

Chuck Kellner, Strategic Discovery Advisor, Everlaw

“ILTACon2022 shows the immense effort and energy being spent driving innovation and change in law departments and law firms. Technology offerings continues to mature, we have more leaders with more authority than ever, and there’s a strong vision for moving forward. As with most innovation, it goes slow until it goes fast.”

Bill Potter, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Rampiva

“The excitement at ILTACON was palpable – the exhibit hall was bustling with people that were genuinely interested in learning about new technologies and the collegiality that our industry is known for was on full display. Providers were able to connect with customers and hear their feedback face-to-face while pop-up meetings throughout the Gaylord allowed old friends and colleagues to enjoy some much needed in-person fun. There was also a smattering of evening events where attendees mingled to discuss the educational sessions, company updates, and their biggest legal technology challenges and successes.”

Cristin Traylor, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Relativity

“It was amazing to see everyone in real life – this really felt like the first fully back to normal event in our space. In addition to the excitement of being with our peers, there was a feeling of curiosity wanting to find out what is changing and innovative within legal technology and I heard some great things about both the advancements that many of the products have made that people were excited about, as well as what they heard in some of the sessions. ILTA has always been about the practical blocking and tackling and this years show did not disappoint!”

Rachi Messing, Co-Founder, Altorney

There were so many people who provided crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 observations that I couldn’t fit it all into one post! I’ll post the remaining comments I received tomorrow! Thanks to all who crowdsourced ILTACON 2022 observations for me – you saved me writing two posts this week! 😀

So, what do you think? Did you attend ILTACON 2022? If so, feel free to comment with your own observations below! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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