10 eDiscovery Defining Trends in 2023

10 eDiscovery Defining Trends in 2023: eDiscovery Trends

Here’s a terrific blog post from Jeffrey Wolff of IPRO, who was terrific yesterday in the ACEDS webinar that he and I presented about Early Data Assessment (which you can check out on demand here), on 10 eDiscovery defining trends in 2023!

In addition to discussing 10 eDiscovery defining trends in 2023, Jeffrey’s article also discusses challenges affecting the eDiscovery process today. Here’s one of 10 eDiscovery defining trends in 2023 identified by Jeffrey in his article:

SaaS and cloud-based technologies are on track to overtake on-premise approaches


The legal industry will increasingly turn to SaaS and cloud platforms in 2023 and beyond. Cloud infrastructures provide two major benefits:

  • the convenience of scalability, which enables the seemingly endless amount of eDiscovery data to be stored in one place without regard to on-premise capacity limits, and
  • flexible pay-as-you-go structures that eliminate significant upfront costs, provide predictable monthly fees, and save organizations money over time.

SaaS and cloud solutions are on track to eclipse on-premise IT approaches across all key markets worldwide. According to Gartner, enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing will surpass spending on traditional IT by 2025. Gartner predicts that cloud offerings will grow to $655 billion in revenue by 2023, up $111 billion from 2022.

As it has with many other technological advances, the legal world has lagged behind a bit in shifting to the cloud. However, more law firms are embracing cloud approaches, and those that do are benefiting greatly from them. One Forbes Technology Council member opined that shifting to the cloud and SaaS can lower law firms’ costs by as much as 60 percent.

So, what are the challenges affecting the eDiscovery process today? And what are the other 9 eDiscovery defining trends in 2023? You can find out on IPRO’s blog here. It’s just one extra click! 😉


So, what do you think? What do you think the eDiscovery defining trends in 2023 will be? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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