Hanzo Illuminate

Introducing Hanzo Illuminate

Congrats to Hanzo on their announcement of the renaming and significant enhancement of their Hanzo Hold solution to Hanzo Illuminate! A portion of the press release announcement is below, the entire press release is here.

Introducing Hanzo Illuminate

Hanzo integrates Dynamic Capture Technology and adds Spotlight Search into its industry-leading Hanzo Hold discovery solution to provide legal teams with better access to complex data sources and new intelligence capabilities for rapid insights.

  • Hanzo renames its industry-leading ediscovery solution, Hanzo Hold to Illuminate.
  • Hanzo adds a new data intelligence layer with Spotlight Search to speed understanding and inform decision-making.
  • Hanzo integrates its Dynamic Capture technology into Hanzo Illuminate — enabling robust, defensible, and contextual interaction with any SaaS application used by enterprises.

Hanzo, a technology pioneer that develops solutions for enterprise legal, governance, and compliance teams to manage their complex collaboration and web-based data, is proud to introduce Hanzo Illuminate. Hanzo Illuminate, formerly Hanzo Hold, is an easy-to-use enterprise solution that allows organizations to preserve data in place and collect, investigate, cull, analyze, and export dynamic collaboration data efficiently and defensibly—supporting ediscovery and investigation teams.

Corporate legal teams struggle to get insights from collaboration and communication sources like Slack to make informed decisions and manage risk effectively. In keeping with Hanzo’s company vision of providing enterprises with a single source of truth for their communications data, Hanzo Illuminate incorporates the new Intelligence capability with Spotlight to provide data enrichment to collected data. This new feature allows corporate legal and investigation teams to quickly identify sensitive and undesirable content within —giving enterprises a solution to understand the information as rapidly as possible.

“Empowering customers to quickly understand and make informed decisions about their complex data is mission critical,” said Julien Masanès, Hanzo CEO. “We renamed Hanzo Hold to Illuminate because the solution does much more than preserve content and place a hold. We wanted a name representing the access, analysis, and understanding enterprise legal teams will get from the solution. Hanzo Illuminate fits perfectly.”

Additionally, corporate legal teams face significant challenges preserving complex enterprise collaboration data and other SaaS system content for ediscovery and investigations. These systems often have inadequate APIs or data export methods to demonstrate the correct information, metadata, and context for defensible ediscovery and investigatory response.

Hanzo Illuminate adds the industry-proven Hanzo Dynamic Capture technology to expand the breadth of collection approaches for hard-to-capture data sources. It also provides enterprises with the complete, contextual information necessary for effective ediscovery and investigations from sources that either lack efficient ways to export data or where the available APIs don’t provide the needed information.

“We’re lucky to work with some of the largest companies in the world. They, like many companies, must keep up with tremendous volumes of data, and having scalable access and intelligence speeds up their workflow when assessing and managing their data risk,“ said Dave Ruel, Head of Product for Hanzo.

The press release also provides some detailed benefits for enterprises and a GIF to illustrate the look and feel of Hanzo Illuminate! Check it out here!

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