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The Tom and Jeremy Show from EDRM and OpenText: eDiscovery Webinars

This is a show you can binge watch! And catch new episodes too! The Tom and Jeremy show webinars conducted by EDRM and sponsored by OpenText are “can’t miss” if you want to learn about the “inconvenient truth about eDiscovery”!

“Tom” is Tom Gricks, Sr. Principal Consultant, Recon Investigations at OpenText and “Jeremy” is Dr. Jeremy Pickens, Chief Data Scientist at Conga. I would call them “passionate” except that word doesn’t seem strong enough. Regardless, they are two really smart guys with a lot of great info about eDiscovery best practices and leveraging technology to conduct it more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tomorrow, the Tom and Jeremy show is presenting their latest installment, Elementary, my dear Watson, at 1pm ET. In this episode, you will see how modern eDiscovery can benefit from an investigative approach to document review and analysis. Use a true investigative approach to find your client’s critical documents early in the litigation process so you can make prompt strategy decisions. Do the same to find the key documents in an opposing party production, rather than batching to multiple reviewers with differing views on which ones might be “hot”. Or use similar techniques to conduct a high-efficiency review for production, either alone or in conjunction with a managed review. Wherever you incorporate it, an investigative approach will benefit your eDiscovery process.

But it wouldn’t be a series if there weren’t other episodes to watch too! Tomorrow is the fifth episode for the Tom and Jeremy show, here are the first four that are available on-demand:

Episode 1: Please reduce your dealer prep charges… who cares what the car costs? – For the same reason that you wouldn’t focus on relatively inconsequential charges when you buy a car, you shouldn’t fixate on marginal costs when selecting an eDiscovery platform. By far, review is the largest cost component of every eDiscovery project. You will see why it is critical (and how) to focus on review costs – not processing, hosting or user fees– to minimize the total cost of your review. In the process, you will learn how to assess TAR efficiency as a component of the total cost in the same way that you look at automobile mileage in your everyday commute.

Episode 2: A shot in the dark! – It seems that portable models are all the rage in technology-assisted reviews today. But portable models carry substantial risks, especially when compared to an effective continuous active learning protocol. Join us as we reveal the results of our own research, together with other published studies that challenge the application of extraneous portable models to achieve review efficiency.

Episode 3: Why use a nail gun when I have this old hammer? – It’s shocking. Even today, lawyers are reported to use artificial intelligence techniques like technology-assisted review in only the most extraordinary situations, under the mistaken belief that modern AI cannot truly enhance human competencies. In this episode, join our experts as they show you how TAR is like a nail gun to a hammer… it saves time, is more accurate, is safer, more powerful, and more convenient – and it’s easy to use.

eDiscovery Assistant

Episode 4: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? – According to playwright Edward Albee, an undercurrent to this award-winning play is the belief in false illusions. We see the false illusion of review efficiency every day, from keyword search to far less than optimal technology-assisted review protocols. Join us, and you will see how we have historically shattered those false illusions and established the true value of an efficient TAR process – with no fear whatsoever.

Unlike Breaking Bad, there are still more episodes to come in the Tom and Jeremy show! Episodes are scheduled for November 17th and December 8th! Set your DVRs, er, register for them! 😉

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So, what do you think? Have you been checking out the Tom and Jeremy show? You should! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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