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Fall 2022 eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership Survey Results: eDiscovery Trends

Rob Robinson’s excellent ComplexDiscovery blog has published the results from the Fall 2022 eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership Survey!

As Rob previously noted (which was covered here), the eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Survey is a non-scientific survey designed to provide insight into the costs associated with the in-house management of an eDiscovery business.

The Fall 2022 eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership Survey was initiated on October 18, 2022, and continued until November 4, 2022. This initial eDiscovery TCO survey experienced a strong response rate, with 50 industry professionals sharing detailed insight into the management of an in-house eDiscovery business. Pretty good for an in-depth multiple-choice survey of twenty-five questions.


Rob published the results here, where you can check out the results of all the questions. The distribution of respondents was Law Firm – 36.0%, Software and/or Service Provider – 26.0%, Consultancy – 24.0%, Corporation – 8.0%, Governmental Entity – 4.0% and Media/Research – 2.0%. Here are two other notable results:

  • When asked “How much Active Data does your organization maintain related to eDiscovery Hosting Services on a MONTHLY basis?”, 22% of respondents said “Less Than 1TB”. Another 18% said “1TB – 10TB”, meaning 40% of respondents host 10TB or less. But 16% host a whopping “Greater Than 100TB”!
  • When asked “When a major version of your primary eDiscovery software is released, how soon does your organization apply the update in production?”, 34% of respondents said “Less Than One Month” and another 34% said “Between One and Three Months”. One out of five (20%) respondents said it takes longer than three months to apply software updates.

I won’t spoil Rob’s thunder on the rest of the updates – check out the full results of the Fall 2022 eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership Survey here!

Speaking of surveys, just a reminder that the eDiscovery Today State of the Industry Survey is currently underway! Please consider participating here; if you do, you’ll get the report for FREE when it is published!

So, what do you think? What’s your organization’s eDiscovery Total Cost of Ownership? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.


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