The Winter 2023 Document Reviewer

The Winter 2023 Document Reviewer Preferences Survey: eDiscovery Trends

Here’s a new survey from Rob Robinson and ComplexDiscovery – the Winter 2023 Document Reviewer Preferences Survey!

Rob released the results of the Winter 2023 Document Reviewer Preferences Survey this Saturday, which is “[d]esigned to provide insight into the preferences of cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery document reviewers regarding onsite and remote review work”.

As Rob notes: “The survey results may be important to those operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem for two primary reasons. The first reason is that document reviewers have very pronounced preferences regarding their desire to work in either onsite or remote review environments. By understanding these specified preferences, law firms, legal departments, and service providers can invest in the environments and design compensation rates that best meet reviewer needs while still achieving business objectives. The second reason is that document review providers face challenges in explaining and justifying compensation rates to law firms and legal departments.”

It’s certainly important to document reviewers! This initial Document Reviewer Preferences Survey experienced a strong response rate, with a whopping 515(!) industry professionals sharing detailed insight into their preferences regarding onsite and remote review work – in just six days! 60% of the respondents are currently engaged in active current review, with another 33% not currently engaged, but active within the past 24 months.

Here are three results from the core survey questions:

  • 98.8% of respondents are interested in remote document review work.
  • But only 19.8% are interested in onsite document review work.
  • In terms of factors that would directly influence reviewers’ consideration of onsite document review work, respondents checked: More Flexible Schedule from Home (85.0%), Time and Cost to Commute (82.5%) and More Work Hours from Home (77.5%) as the top three choices.

I think I see a pattern here! 😉

There are a lot more stats, so check out the results of the Winter 2023 Document Reviewer Preferences Survey here! You can even check it out from the comfort of your own home! 😉


So, what do you think of the Winter 2023 Document Reviewer Preferences Survey?  Do any of these numbers surprise you?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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