Benefits and Challenges of Manual Processes

Benefits and Challenges of Manual Processes: eDiscovery Best Practices

Believe it or not, there are both benefits and challenges of manual processes. TracyAnn Eggen of LIGL discusses both in her latest post!

As TracyAnn notes in her post (Walking Through the Benefits and Challenges of Manual Processes, available here), this analogy was inspired when she noticed a mom pushing her kid on a tricycle, which apparently reminded her of being “on a big wheel, no training wheels, speedster – drifting and sliding my way down the lane thinking, ‘oh yeah, I’m boss!’”

In discussing how her dad’s planning helped her get from the big wheel (with picture, to boot) to bike, TracyAnn observes that “Most (if not all) workflows start as one or more manual processes – whether they eventually become automated or not. It takes a lot of planning; how do you begin; where’s the messy middle; ultimately the finished process. As much as I hate to crawl, I recognize there are reasons for and benefits to manual processes. Let’s face it, some workflows are best suited to stay that way.”

Alas, the faster you go, the easier it is to wipe out and (of course) there are challenges with manual processes too – many workflows aren’t suited to stay manual.

So, what are the benefits and challenges of manual processes? Find out here – it’s only one more click! Not only is it another clever post, but there is that picture of Tracy Ann on a big wheel! Much better than the one above. Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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