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Access to Justice Tomorrow! Judicial Fireside Chat from Deloitte: eDiscovery Webinars

I’m excited about tomorrow’s Judicial Fireside Chat from Deloitte! Join me and two terrific judges for a webinar on the current state of access to justice tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 1pm ET, Deloitte will host the webinar Judicial Fireside Chats: Old Days, New Ways – The Current State of Access to Justice. The next webinar in Deloitte’s Judicial Fireside Chats series will provide judicial perspectives on the evolution of access to the legal profession and the courts. This discussion will touch on innovative approaches to bring the courts to the people, and the role of education and technology in support of access to both the system and within it with the goal of balancing the scales for all. Topics include:

  • Evolution of Access to the Legal Profession
  • Landscape of Courts and Legal Services
  • Access to Justice and Keeping the Scales Balanced
  • How Technology is Revolutionizing the Law and Legal Services

I’m excited to be moderating this discussion featuring the Honorable Michelle Rick, Michigan Court of Appeals, and Judge Jeanne Robison, Salt Lake City Justice Court, Utah! Judge Rick has been a key advocate of the Face of Justice program, which allows high school students to network with legal professionals! And Judge Robison has launched a “kayak court” for the homeless in her jurisdiction where she brings the courtroom to them along the Jordan river in Utah! We’ll learn about the programs Judge Rick and Judge Robison have promoted, as well as their observations regarding the current state of access to justice tomorrow!


Access to justice is a basic tenet of the legal system, and it extends beyond the ability to obtain entry into a building. It takes into account equal access to representation, programs, services, and careers. Technological innovations allow individuals to communicate in real time across geographical boundaries, to share and receive information in seconds, and bring communities together in open and secure environments. When that technology and innovation is applied to the legal community, how does its impact affect those trying to access justice and the legal community? Join us in the next webinar in Deloitte’s Judicial Fireside Chats series to find out the current state of access to justice tomorrow – register here!

So, what do you think? Are you interested in learning about the current state of access to justice?  If so, consider attending the webinar! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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