Cyber Incident Readiness

Cyber Incident Readiness and Response and How to Improve It: Cybersecurity Best Practices

Can you improve your organization’s cyber incident readiness and response? Yes, and this article from KLDiscovery tells you how!

Their article (How to Improve Your Organization’s Cyber Incident Readiness and Response, available here) discusses the cost of a data breach and illustrates (via the 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report from IBM) what’s at stake when it comes to data breaches with these three statistics:

  • 83% of organizations have experienced more than one data breach in their lifetime.
  • The global average cost of a data breach is $4.35 million for organizations.
  • In 2022, it took an average of 277 days to identify and contain a breach.

Data breaches are common, costly, and complicated. The ability to respond quickly could save millions of dollars.


Let’s face it, it only takes one mistake (such as a single employee or contractor not following best data management practices) to expose PII/PHI to cyber criminals. The key to an effective cyber incident response plan starts with data mining and the ability to identify impacted PII/PHI quickly.

So, how can you improve your organization’s cyber incident readiness and response? And what are three keys to selecting a cyber incident response partner? You can find out by clicking on KLD’s article here. It’s just one more click! 😉

So, what do you think? How does your organization respond to a cyber incident? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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