Hanzo Expands Dynamic Mapping

Hanzo Expands Dynamic Mapping Support to MS Teams Data for eDiscovery Collection

Congrats to Hanzo for the announcement that Hanzo expands Dynamic Mapping support to MS Teams data for eDiscovery collection!  Part of the press release is below, the full press release is here.

Hanzo Expands Dynamic Mapping Support to MS Teams Data for Ediscovery Collection

Hanzo significantly improves the corporate legal team’s experience managing Microsoft Teams data for ediscovery through pre-collection intelligence, allowing innovative, targeted collections and rapid actionable insights during data analysis.

Hanzo, a global provider of enterprise solutions for legal, governance, and compliance teams, announces the first pre-collection dynamic mapping technology for Microsoft Teams. Hanzo’s Dynamic Mapping technology for Slack powers Hanzo Illuminate, the industry’s first intelligent collection and culling solution for collaboration data empowering enterprise ediscovery teams with best-in-class defensibility and reduction of extraneous data collections by up to 85 percent.*

Microsoft Teams collaboration data has grown to nearly 80% market share** and is increasingly becoming a standard request during the legal ediscovery process. Hanzo’s proprietary technology automatically addresses a critical enterprise ediscovery challenge of automating analysis for huge volumes of data and pinpointing what to collect, reducing the hassle, cost, time, and risk typical of enterprise ediscovery and downstream review processes.

“Why collect everything into a data lake when it is unnecessary,” posited Hanzo VP of Product Dave Ruel. “We know from our years of experience with collaborative data that the scale and complexity of enterprises require a better way to target their collections. They need up-front intelligence to help them effectively cull it to improve all downstream workflows.”

Dynamic Mapping offers enterprises a pre-collection preview

Another typical challenge enterprises face with Microsoft Teams collaboration data is needing more critical context for efficient ECA evaluation. Time and context are especially essential for enterprises when navigating vast amounts of messaging data. Hanzo’s pre-collection intelligence speeds up early case assessment by highlighting where the conversations are happening. Unlike many competitive solutions offered today, Hanzo automatically organizes messaging content into contextual threaded conversations because reviewing data in siloed streams as is standard in Microsoft Purview is complex and inefficient, especially at the scale large enterprises face.

Hanzo Illuminate offers enterprise legal teams key features that significantly improve the user experience:

  • Pre-Collection Intelligence – Provide enterprise teams with a preview of their collaboration environment before collection to target collections, efficiently respond to ediscovery requests, and conduct investigations.
  • Contextual Data Threading – Automatic contextual threading of Microsoft Teams communication data brings the entire conversation into view, delivering clarity and chronological context essential for understanding while saving mission-critical time. 
  • Pre-Packaged Review-Platform-Ready Exports – Streamline processes with review-platform-ready exports. Efficiently review custodial chat data in context, including edits/deletes, metadata, message/custodial relationships, and more. Your ediscovery review team will permanently save time by not having to re-process data before reviewing.

Congrats to Hanzo for the announcement that Hanzo expands Dynamic Mapping support to MS Teams data for eDiscovery collection!

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*Based on aggregated enterprise customer data.

**Source: 2022 Collaboration Data Benchmarking Report, ACEDS & Hanzo

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