Reveal-Brainspace Announces

Reveal-Brainspace Announces Acquisition of LIGL

This morning, Reveal-Brainspace announces the acquisition of LIGL! Part of the press release is below, here is the full press release.

Reveal-Brainspace Announces Acquisition of LIGL

Reveal Continues Pragmatic Investment Approach with Latest Acquisition – Adding LIGL’s Workflow Automation and Legal Hold Capabilities to Reveal 11 Platform

Chicago (March 20, 2023) – Reveal, the global provider of a leading AI-powered eDiscovery platform, announced today the acquisition of LIGL, the provider of the legal industry’s first and only cloud-based digital evidence and lifecycle management platform. 

In a year that has marked a slowdown in M&A activity in the LegalTech space, Reveal has made purposeful investments for long-term success, while continuing to solve problems for its client base all over the world. The purchase of LIGL allows Reveal to integrate the leading SaaS-based legal hold, evidence collection management and eDiscovery workflow automation technology directly onto its Reveal 11 platform – offering users greater simplicity and efficiency.

“The acquisition of LIGL highlights Reveal’s commitment to an ongoing approach to growth that emphasizes customer needs over everything else. The LIGL team and the technology they bring to Reveal will augment Reveal 11’s seamless investigative and eDiscovery functionality,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal. “With an aligned mission to remove complexity and barriers from the eDiscovery process, the integration of LIGL onto the Reveal 11 platform is a win-win for our collective teams and the clients that will benefit from our technology stack.”

LIGL is a revolutionary SaaS platform that manages every step of the litigation and investigation lifecycle, simplifying, automating and uniting legal hold and automated discovery workflows in a frictionless, easy-to-use system. Combining and orchestrating legal hold, data integrations, preservations, forensic collections, and discovery processing in one convenient, scalable, cost-effective platform, LIGL drastically improves efficiency and outcomes while reducing overhead and hassle.

With the acquisition of LIGL, the Reveal 11 platform will now have the most sophisticated workflow automation and digital evidence lifecycle capabilities available. The integration of critical Legal AI solutions all on one platform allows practitioners with even the most challenging datasets to quickly understand the key players, concepts and context in ways more traditional tools simply cannot.

“The addition of LIGL’s workflow automation platform will allow Reveal’s clients to easily manage data throughout the project lifecycle from collection through to production. LIGL’s seamless templating, reporting, and eDiscovery orchestration capabilities will provide unmatched capabilities to build a defensible and streamlined data pipeline,” said Matthew Brothers-McGrew, Reveal’s Chief Technology Officer.

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