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ESI Survival Guide Interview with Matt Knouff: eDiscovery Trends

Normally, I’M conducting the interviews, but Matt Knouff interviewed ME for the ESI Survival Guide regarding the 2023 State of the Industry report!

In his day job, Matt is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Consilio (in fact, we both showed up to the interview with Consilio coffee cups, which was totally unplanned!), but Matt has also been conducting interviews on his ESI Survival Guide YouTube channel for a couple of years now. After a few months’ hiatus, Matt is back with his first interview of 2023, and I’m excited and honored to be his first interviewee this year!

The interview topic was the eDiscovery Today 2023 State of the Industry report (available here), which was released in January and sponsored by EDRM, and what the results mean in terms of eDiscovery trends. Matt and I covered the report overall, the demographic breakdown, and each of the trends covered in the report, which included both the survey results and selected thought leader comments on the same topics. It’s a long interview, but Matt does a great job of segmenting it so that you can jump to specific sections of interest.


While Matt asked me a number of questions about the report and how it illustrates eDiscovery trends, we both discussed our thoughts about various eDiscovery trends. It was a fun discussion between two eDiscovery “nerds” about eDiscovery trends!

The interview is below and also on Matt’s ESI Survival Guide YouTube channel here. Check it out!

So, what do you think? Are you interested in finding out about eDiscovery trends? If so, check out my interview with Matt! And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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