Four Notable Legalweek 2023

Four Notable Legalweek 2023 Trends: Legal Technology Trends

After such a memorable Legalweek 2023, the observations keep coming! Here are four notable Legalweek 2023 trends you may have missed!

The four notable Legalweek 2023 trends referenced were discussed by Ethan Treese of IPRO in his Monday article on LinkedIn here and are from the perspective of what the IPRO team observed at the conference. Here’s one of the notable trends Ethan discusses (replete with hashtags, to boot!):

The Move to the Left of the #EDRM Model is Picking Up Steam

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The conversation of #eDiscovery activity moving to the left of the #EDRM has picked up steam. There were Information Governance tracks during two days of the conference, reflecting the growing interest in #IG. We met with a large number of companies and law firms asking about IG solutions than we had at previous conferences. As we discussed in the session “What’s in your Data? You can’t Govern what you don’t see.”, the global datasphere is expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, yet only 15% of data in organizations is effectively used. No wonder there has been greater interest in IG solutions.

We also heard attendees asking about and discussing capabilities such as in-place analytics and review of live data, and performing early case assessment, leading to targeted collections of potentially responsive #ESI much more frequently during this conference. 

Before the conference, EDRM announced the launch of a new EDRM 2.0 project to update the iconic EDRM model, which has been in use for 18 years. One of the reasons for re-assessing the model was cited in an interview with Legaltech® News by @Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM, who stated: “There’s been a big push for preservation in place, [early case assessment] in place, which is a little farther to the left of [the EDRM diagram].” The move to the left of the EDRM model is literally redefining the model.

Interesting! To catch the other three of Ethan’s four notable Legalweek 2023 trends, click here!


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