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Relativity Scripting and What You Need to Know: eDiscovery Best Practices

Scripting is a key capability to add functionality to any product, even Relativity. Jarrod Kimmel of Oasis provides a great intro to Relativity scripting!

His post (Intro to Relativity Scripting, available here) was written in response to a user asking for advice on writing Relativity scripts – which (of course) begins with a definition:

A Relativity script is a combination of XML that defines the properties, inputs, and outputs of the script and SQL logic that defines the actions of the script. You can use custom scripts to extend Relativity’s functionality and modify data sets in workspaces. For example, you can develop scripts to generate custom reports, auto-populate fields, or reformat data based on predetermined parameters.

As Jared notes, it’s best to develop a basic understanding of relational databases and Microsoft’s T-SQL syntax. He says: “You can start without this foundational knowledge (many of us do) but getting a basic understanding upfront will help you avoid a lot of beginner mistakes and questions.”

Honestly, a basic understanding of relational databases and SQL is something that any good litigation support/eDiscovery professional should have, so I couldn’t agree more with Jared here.

Jared goes on to provide some terrific resources for developing that understanding of relational databases and Microsoft’s T-SQL, as well as tips for using a better tool than the Relativity front end for writing those scripts, which (as Jared observes) is “kind of like driving on the freeway after pepper spraying yourself directly in the eyes: it’s painful and you can’t see anything.” I’ll take his word on that one! 😉

Jared also provides a lot of info about the types of Relativity databases, which you need to know to effectively work with the data. If you’re a Relativity user and interested in learning more about Relativity scripting, check out his post here!

So, what do you think? Does your organization take advantage of Relativity scripting? Maybe now it can! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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