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Tomorrow’s Lawyers Will Need Tomorrow’s “Discoverers”: eDiscovery Best Practices

There’s a great book titled Tomorrow’s Lawyers, which looks at the future of legal. Derek Duarte of UnitedLex says they’ll need tomorrow’s “discoverers”!

His article (Tomorrow’s Lawyers Will Need Tomorrow’s “Discoverers” To Accomplish Their Goals, available here) discusses how, ten years ago, Richard Susskind released the first edition of his book Tomorrow’s Lawyers, which provides a look at the future of the legal profession, especially for new and aspiring lawyers, and anyone else who wants to modernize our legal and justice systems. He recently released the third edition of his book (which is available here).

One of the most interesting sections of Susskind’s book is the chapter that discusses New Jobs for Lawyers, where he details “a promising range of new opportunities and new careers for people trained in the law” and highlights 15 new jobs for lawyers, as follows:

  1. legal design thinker
  2. legal knowledge engineer
  3. legal no-coder
  4. legal technologist
  5. legal hybrid
  6. legal process analyst
  7. legal project manager
  8. legal data scientist
  9. legal data visualizer
  10. R&D worker
  11. digital security guard
  12. ODR practitioner
  13. moderator
  14. legal management consultant
  15. legal risk manager

Susskind then proceeds to discuss each of those jobs, stating: “Today’s lawyers will themselves have to take on some of these roles if they want to remain relevant and in demand.”

For Derek, that sparked an idea where he quickly identified “13 jobs or roles that relate to eDiscovery today and should continue to do so in the future.” Derek grouped those jobs into broad categories that illustrate how they fit into eDiscovery and related disciplines, such as cybersecurity and data privacy.

So, what are the jobs and how does Derek describe them? Click here to find out! It’s just one more click! Waiting until “tomorrow” just might be too late! 😀

So, what do you think? Have you read the book Tomorrow’s Lawyers? You should – it’s a great book! Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.


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