Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power, Especially for Legal Operations: Legal Operations Trends

In his final post in this series, Jim Gill of Hanzo discusses how knowledge is power in helping legal operations professionals address challenges!

In the blog post titled Knowledge is Power: How Legal Operations Can Create Efficiency Through Intelligence (available here), Jim discusses how legal departments are facing higher competition and budget limitations, prompting them to seek ways to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Knowledge is power in terms of the insights gained from business intelligence, service delivery models, and knowledge management. Here’s what he has to say about business intelligence:

Business Intelligence

Making informed decisions through data is the essence of business intelligence. Unfortunately, many in-house legal departments struggle to access and utilize relevant data and metrics, resulting in inconsistent use of analytics.

The goal is to rely on data instead of intuition to guide the organization. Legal departments can improve short- and long-term outcomes by identifying hidden trends, streamlining operations, and focusing on clear, measurable outcomes through data analysis.

To achieve this goal, legal departments should:

  • Determine the necessary data to collect and monitor
  • Design and implement metrics and dashboards
  • Create data lakes and utilize advanced analytics
  • Identify patterns and uncover hidden opportunities
  • Improve outcomes through data analysis, both immediately and in the long term.

So, what does he have to say about service delivery models and knowledge management and how they lead to operational excellence? Find out here – it’s only one more click! And check out Jim’s first four posts in the series here, here, here and here! Business intelligence, service delivery models, and knowledge management are three of the CLOC Core 12 functional areas for mature legal operations!

So, what do you think? How does your organization address legal ops? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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