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Wedding Officiant is the Latest Use Case for ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence Trends

We’ve seen a lot of interesting use cases for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Here’s another one: wedding officiant in a wedding that took place last week!

As reported by People and Business Insider, Reese Wiench and Deyton Truitt used the AI tool to craft their wedding ceremony — other than the vows, which they wrote themselves. The result was a service that included passages from scripture, as well as the chatbot’s interpretations of love and marriage.

The wedding was last minute, as Truitt deployed for the Army this week, and in Colorado, an officiant is not needed to marry.


Using an app, ChatGPT’s text was read aloud, and amplified through a speaker donning a robot mask (which is pictured in between the couple above).

The bride’s father, Stephen Wiench, had the idea to use the “easier and cheaper” artificial wedding officiant.

The bot was hesitant at first to perform the very human task of officiating the nuptials, saying, “Sorry, I can’t do this. I don’t have eyes, I don’t have a body, I can’t show up and officiate your wedding,” according to Wiench.

ChatGPT announced itself to the couple’s 30 wedding guests via a printout.


“As the AI officiant for Reese Alyson Wiench and Deyton Truitt’s wedding, I will focus on celebrating their unique journey of love and unity, highlighting the remarkable merging of human connection and technological innovation,” the bot wrote in a statement handed out to the guests, the Leader reported. “I will emphasize the power of their union to inspire, unite and break barriers, capturing the attention of the world with a story that transcends conventional norms. During the ceremony, I will eloquently express the significance of this historic moment and the limitless possibilities that arise when love and technology intersect.”

The families fed personal details to the bot*, which then weaved those ideas into the ceremony, adding phrases like, “We are honored and grateful to each and every one of you here, especially those who have traveled out of state — notably, Kansas,” into the recitation of the necessary words.

The modern wedding ceremony took place in a surprisingly traditional setting: a historic 100-person church that dates back to 1885.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all regarding uses for ChatGPT, someone identifies another one that’s “off the wall”. Or should I say: “off the altar”? 😉

Hat tip to my beautiful wife Paige who saw this story and said I should cover it.

So, what do you think? Have you seen a weirder use for ChatGPT than wedding officiant? Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

*I’m sure some of you are thinking what I’m thinking when you read “fed personal details to the bot”. Ruh-roh!

Image Obtained from People Magazine

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