Everlaw’s Generative AI Announcement

Everlaw’s Generative AI Announcement is the Latest Sign of How GenAI is Changing eDiscovery: eDiscovery Trends

Here’s a sign of how GenAI is changing eDiscovery: Everlaw’s generative AI announcement about their new EverlawAI Assistant!

Earlier this week, Everlaw announced its EverlawAI portfolio with newly released generative AI features. As stated in Everlaw’s generative AI announcement, it’s “available in a beta program to give legal teams an instant leg-up in text-based work and greater productivity across legal workflows within its trusted and highly secure platform.”

Everlaw also unveiled three videos to outline the news and add greater context (they are below the animation at the top of the page, which also provides a quick illustration of what EverlawAI Assistant can do. One of those videos is an in-depth 18 minute walk-through of the capabilities by Everlaw CEO AJ Shankar, which does a great job of illustrating the capabilities, including document summarization, identifying people and organizations mentioned, summarizing topics, use within Everlaw’s Storybuilder module and perhaps most impressive) drafting narratives which incorporate documents from the collection as exhibits to enable you to quickly shape the arguments for and against your case.

eDiscovery Assistant

Notably, Everlaw has applied four generative AI principles in delivering responsible generative AI to their customers, which is important to enable those customers to use gen AI capabilities transparently and confidently – or choose to opt out of using them if they’re not yet comfortable with the capabilities.

While the demo is impressive, there are still unpredictable variables when it comes to generative AI, so it’s not surprising that Everlaw has rolled its new EverlawAI Assistant in a beta program. There will undoubtedly be some time needed to work out potential issues and develop workflows that support the ability to use the capabilities while validating the output.

Nonetheless, Everlaw’s generative AI announcement about their new EverlawAI Assistant illustrates where we’re heading. The capabilities are impressive, and the possibilities seem endless in terms of what we can do and will be able to do with the technology. So, be prepared: Gen AI is changing eDiscovery. You’ve been warned. 🙂

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