2023 eDisclosure Systems Buyers

The 2023 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide is Here!: eDiscovery Trends

The 2023 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide has expanded into a complete online knowledge base, courtesy of Rob Robinson’s ComplexDiscovery site!

The 2023 version of Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide has expanded into a complete online knowledge base, making it easier than ever before for users to access and search for information. The new online knowledge base replaces the previous PDF version of the Guide.

The 2023 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide (available here) consists of seven sections, each of which has several sub-sections. They are: Guide Introduction, Market Dynamics, Technology Areas, Market Survey, Procurement Approach, Suppliers & Software and Additional Resources.

July 2023 updates to the Guide include:

With the expansion to a completely online version of the Guide, there is also no longer a fixed submission window and ongoing updates. Profile submissions and updates can be submitted anytime, and we will make them immediately available for viewing. However, submit the standardized vendor submission form if you want your profile added or updated. Once received by the editorial team at info@complexdiscovery.com, the team will update your profile in the online knowledge base immediately. You can download the Vendor Submission Form here.

For past Guide contributors, if your 2022 submission is still accurate, there is no need to update it as it is already listed in the online knowledge base and noted as updated as of July 2022, the timeframe in which the final 2022 Guide (PDF Version) was published. However, if you want to update your profile with more recent information, you can still do that anytime.

You can find the ongoing update of the online knowledge base here. And the current listing of 178(!) suppliers and software offerings (for which Rob provides a list of updates since January 2023) can be found here.

So, what do you think?  Are you in the market for eDiscovery (or eDisclosure) software or services? Then, check out 2023 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide on ComplexDiscovery – it’s FREE!  And please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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